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Ray made hot-sauce!

The peppers were all grown in my greenhouse from seed carefully chosen from a local, PNW seed company, Uprising Organics. We had a bumper crop! Ray harvested them and, though he is not a fan of heat in food, he was not going to let them go to wast.

20181024_122607788591955.jpg Thanks Ray, I love it!
Debs in #EverettWA…. whose nose isn’t even a little stuffy now.

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Peppers Planted

May 24, 2015 (29) Frog peppers
Guardian of the Pepper Plants.

I always start my tomatoes the first week of March and my peppers the last week of March. That is just how I do things around here. Had a little switch up this season. Peppers planted; I still do not know what tomatoes I am NOT going to plant. I love them all, but honestly, can a girl live all year on tomatoes? I suppose the same can be said about peppers.

Peppers March 6, 2018 Peppers are tricky in the PNW. Unlike tomatoes, if I am forced to pick them before they are ready, they will not ripen up on the side board. Most peppers need 80 to 90 days of decent weather to make fruit. Decent seldom describes summer in the PNW.

Normally I hate plastic in the garden (that was not always true) But if I want peppers they will go through different sizes of plastic pots before they go to the garden. Then they will live under a plastic tent to boost the air temperature. Some years it is mid July before summer finally comes to Everett, Washington. Without the plastic I would see few peppers.

Fat, thick walled bells and big, luxurious chili peppers come from the store. For homegrown sweet peppers we grow Italian frying peppers. For chili we grow short season Czech Black (67 days instead of the normal 90!) But even our blacks do better in a sunny season. We can grow a decent amount of Spanish Pardons which are supposed to be eaten immature. They have a nice spice. I am quite impressed with my season if it includes a few ripe peppers.

Loved this video from Donna at Rainbow Gardens. She is a great pepper teacher!


Luke 3 March 6, 2018 Now you know as much or more then I know about peppers. Thanks Donna!

See the little Anna’s hummingbird in the picture? He (she?) hoovers by my office window and taps on it with her beak when the feeder is empty. If I step off of my deck and into the garden she chatters at me. I think she is telling me I am trespassing. Spunky little hummer!

Debs in Everett, Washington… where I spent my morning making soil-block-mix, up-potting peas and broccoli, and planting my peppers in soil blocks made from brand new mix.

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A Garden Journal for March

Perhaps the most anticipated month of the season, March is when things start getting real. The tomatoes that we all fuss over all year long are started. Actual outdoor gardening begins.

March the 17th, sleep the 18th has long been my personal motto. Not for the reason you may think. On St. Patrick’s day, after putting on a creamy green soup and popping soda bread on a cooling rack, I head outside to plant peas, potatoes and onions. Some years it is with a slicker and golishes (an old word for rubber boots), other years it is in shirt sleeves and tenny runners. Both give me joy under the Worm Moon.

Vivi at Vivie’s Kitchen Garden Adds a tray of celery to the list. That sounds good to me! On it.

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2015 Uprising Seed order is here!

Smallest seed order in at least 10 years.

Smallest seed order in at least 10 years.

It’s here! It’s here! The uprising order is here! I was strong and did not order any tomatoes, but I wanted to, but resisted. Now I think I’ve got the shakes…. I’m sure there is a place close by with some kind of tomato seed that I’ve never heard of before. Stoked!

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