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A New Garden Toy and Video

img_3037 England seems to have all the best stuff.

Thanks to Amazon for getting it here after Sean shows it to me on his video.

A Very Rainy Day in Everett. I love that sound when I have a safe place to be out of the rain. All kinds of new micro-greens planted in the new boxes. Meanwhile we are eating the first wave of mixed micro-greens from Botanical Interests. Yum


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Micro Greens Update day 3

November Project 2; day 3

I have no idea why, after over forty years, I still get excited when seeds do what they were created to do. I even take video of my babies!


November Urban (Subsistence) Farm Projects

  1. Spring Bulb Lasagna
  2. Micro Greens
  3. Planting indoor Amaryllis bulbs 
  4. Two Frog Cranberry Sauce

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November Project 2: Micro Greens

Late Autumn on an Urban Farm. The garden has been canned, dried, or frozen and we are ready for our long winter rest. At least that is the theory. Fresh greens are still possible with micro greens. The first batch of the year was recorded on a two minute teacher (I’m a little loose with my time)

When the light is low and you need a little bit of time in the word, let this word from Mark kick start your day.

Mark 2:19 and Beauty for Ashes

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The Daily Bento Rewind; May Flowers

May 11, 2015 bento

May 11, 2015, The Teachers lunch bag

Looking back over my bentos for the year I realize that they can seem a lot alike. Protein (I favor pounded white turkey tenders because they are easy to make and still taste great all week long), something starchy and five colors. I add a little bit of yogurt and call it lunch.

The reason I enjoy bento, besides the ability to make left-overs pretty, is the subtle changes that come with eating seasonally. This May bento has the sharp-nutty goodness of micro-greens and the unique flavor of violas. Delightful! Just the subtle change needed to keep me looking forward to lunch break.

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Daily Bento Rewind

April 24, 2015 bento (1)

April 24, 2015

I usually post my daily bento on facebook. It is quick during my too busy days. I have two whole weeks of winter break and am free to study anything I want instead of what I need to teach (research is a big factor in why I love being a teacher) AND I can slow down and enjoy bento’s past.

This spring bento uses the first of the spicy mesclun greens mix as micro-greens. We grow them here at the Toy Box. They are the first of the salad mixes, and frankly they make the best salads of the season. The tiny, mild pink radishes (I saved seed) are perfect with the spicy baby greens. The to-go container holds a just a drizzle of of TJ’s fat free balsamic dressing, one of the very few bottled dressings that I use. The season’s first johnny jump-ups are “placed” carefully on the greens and in the yogurt. Soon enough there will be enough of them to scatter (this was April in the Pacific North West) I also see a sprig of Chervil (french parsley) and the last of the kale flowers. The rest of the bento is left over chicken chunks, slices of oranges and watermelon cut-outs. I still had enough Toy Box blueberries in the freezer to put on my yogurt.

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Chicken Tractors and today’s bento

Chicks out for a little sun

Chicks out for a little sun

The last day of April started out chilly and wet but by this afternoon it was beautiful. I brought the baby nuggets out for a little bit of sunshine. Meanwhile, the original nuggets (now 5 years old and still giving us eggs every day) were in their own tractor getting a different planting bed ready. The bed in front of the tractor is where I get my daily greens for my school bento.

Sweet ol' girls

Sweet ol’ girls

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Speaking of Bento today’s featured slices of Ray’s Enchilada with our fresh greens, the newest radishes, kiwi, cantaloupe and watermelon stars, plain Greek yogurt with bananas and blueberries. (one day soon there will be some kind of fresh fruit)

Everett’s pretty day: 59/46 but it felt warmer then that. Sunrise at 5:52, soon to set at 8:20 for 14 hours and 28 minutes of day light. A little rain this morning but it hardly registered in the rain-gauge. Expecting the same tomorrow.

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