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Why is it called the Snow Moon?


Grandpa’s old wind mill needed paint last year. Ray had a little fun.

After a two year absence, urban snow has a measure of charm. Since there is nothing else to do, Ray took pictures for me. I’m ready for it to go away, but it is pretty.


Front View, The Toy Box SubUrban Farm

It came late at night with blue lightening. We’ve heard of it but this was the first time we’ve seen snow lightening. OK, truth? I slept through it. Ray saw it.


Akani, Honeycrisp and Winesap… I think?

Ray turned our front yard into a garden. Doesn’t garden sound prettier then yard. Prisons have yards, homes have gardens. We put this multi-espalier apple tree in last season. The neighbors came by to tell us we shouldn’t put the wood chips right up against the tree trunk. They all gave us their different credentials. It seems to be happy the way it is.


Flower Pots and Watering Cans

I thought I got everything put away. A couple of inches of snow and suddenly it is too late for “should have”.


Wild Woman Gardening

So, good books? Now is the time to nest in your quilt, find a pretty mug and brew up some tea. As I am about to post on Tuesday night, Ray leaned over and said, there is another storm warning. More snow and freezing rain tomorrow. And THAT my gardening friends, is what we mean by, “Under the Snow Moon.


February 7, 2017 in Everett, WA

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