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Fava Beans in Fall

Reformation Day (October 31). How do we celebrate? 

I already mentioned that we plant Garlic, We also plant Fava Beans.


On a lazy summer day, Fava Bean Salad is the ultimate slow food. It takes a bit of work to free the nutty goodness from it’s fuzzy pod and thick protective layer, but once you do, you will have one of the delights of early summer!

Prettier that they look in the picture. Fava Beans are easy to handle when your fingers are freezing. We plant some for Reformation Day but if we happen to miss the fall planting day, then we watch for the first crocus to poke its pretty self out in the icy air. When the crocus’ bloom, it is time for spring planting Fava Beans. Honestly, fall planted Favas are only about 10 days earlier to harvest then spring planted. I just like my traditions.

January 30, 2016 (3)

My Garden Journal for February

If you do not have Crocus’ one of your neighbors probably does. The good news is that now (late autumn) is also the time to plant crocus for early spring flowers. You are in Luck!

I have not tried this yet but I watched a video that assured me that I can eat the tender beans shortly after the flower fall off. Something I keep forgetting to try. Apparently the leaves are also good food. I’ll have to ask my chickens.

Ray and I have done fava beans in Square foot gardens and in our Back to Eden garden. We were successful in both. I’m told that both black and green aphids are a problem with fava beans. I hesitate to report that we have not had a problem with either of these. Paul Gautschi of Sequim, Washington (the Back to Eden man) tells us that aphids are a problem in a garden that is too dry. Maybe that’s it. Back to Eden protects soil moisture even in dry years, and it was seriously wet the years we grew them in Square foot gardens. But enough of what can wait until summer. Just get out and get dirty ….plant some Fava Beans.

november-2-2016-jenny-e-il-piccolo After you are done in the garden, if the weather goes chilly and wet, come on over to Rainsong and read today’s post. Amy Carmichael’s Edges of His Ways for November 3. Ray and I went to the funeral of a beloved family friend last night. Today’s post was a source of joy.

The sun is shining brightly in my window this morning, I’m told it will keep shining for at least another day. We have less then ten hours from sunrise to sunset, but there are still nearly 11 hours of actual light if you count twilight… and I do.

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