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Mid September

Black Garbanzo beans ready to finish.

Spent Sabbath in the garden. Putzing about. I feel so refreshed and ready to face another week of Junior High (and my beloved home-schoolers). What is it about dirt in my finger nails that is so relaxing? We ate a simple meal of boiled red potatoes, beans (Ray wanted his raw, I dropped mine in with the potatoes for a couple of minutes), sliced cucumber and tomatoes. All of them were growing in the garden 10 minutes earlier. Turkey and that earthy Trader Joe’s french bread finished the meal. There might have been a glass of wine at some point. It could have been the latest Merlot from Red Rock.

Todays Harvest

Some things cannot be rushed. Farm life is all about patience with just the right amount of hurry. I have been waiting all year for my cipolini onions (some call them donut onions) to be ready to harvest. September 14th was finally the day. Now I wait again as they cure in the crisp fall air. Hopefully it won’t be in a heap on the porch.

All week we have been pulling ears of corn and skipping dessert. Fresh sweet corn IS a food group that covers dinner and dessert. We could not wait any longer. The bulk of the harvest had to be put into the freezer before it wandered past its prime. I wish I could grow ten times as much sweet corn as I have room for. I keep eyeing my HOA contract while looking at all that open space in my front yard. Someday desire will be stronger than the contract.

After the Harvest…..

The corn stalks are bundled and standing behind the green house for fall decorations. The two flint corn need to dry on the stalks. Both are heirlooms. Painted Mountain is a multi color corn from Uprising Seed and Hooker’s from a homestead in Olympia Washington.
Thank you for praying for Maxwell. He is home from the hospital. Is this what an Indian summer feels like? Deep blue sky, 72/52. Sunrise comes late (and Standard Time is still a few days away) at 6:48 AM, setting 13 hours and 29 minutes later at 7:17 PM. The fire that is raging in the Cascades makes a pretty sunrise. Still I hate that fire….Liberty, Washington has been evacuated!


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Produce from the Toy Box August 1-10

  • 26 Eggs
  • 1 lb, 1 oz fruit (mostly blue berries)
  • 5 lbs 15 oz mixed vegetables.

Sweet Momma squash…maybe it will be ready before first frost.

The flint corn “BlackTail Mountain” is already showing signs of being ready (that cannot be right can it?) I have Cinderella pumpkins all over the place. All over the place being in a 10 foot circle around the base of the plant. I finally went outside the fence and pulled the vines that grew through the pickets back inside the fence.

Fortex “French” green beans

Maybe most exciting is the amount of green beans I am picking every day. Both the bush beans and the pole beans are about to go into full production. Recently I watched a video on canning beans. I am convinced that unless I can put a pressure canner on the stove part of the BBQ, I will have to be content freezing beans. The frozen french beans I get from Trader Joe’s are good so I have hope that mine will be just as good.

Empress, Dragon, and Royal Burgundy snap beans, Gold Nugget Tomatoes and a few calendula petals.

I don’t think I have mentioned that I am getting little finger carrots and three kinds of beets. I took a peek at my potatoes yesterday, I will be harvesting those very soon!


Shabot Shalom! It is a beautiful day to Rest in YHVH. Blue sky 77/57 and 0% chance of rain. WooT! Sunrise at 5:59. Fourteen hours and 25 minutes later it will set at 8:27. The Thunder Moon (Av) is in its last quarter.

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First Ripe Apples!

The very first apples of 2012 from The Toy Box. WooT

So much happens in July! Too late for Independence Day, too early for Christopher’s birthday, the branch of Yellow Transparent Apples had to be used TODAY. There were only seven of them, and one of those was golf ball size. Never mind, I had a puff pastry that needed to be used as a crust, it was the perfect size. The apples were peeled, sliced and fried in a bit of butter and Apple Jack, simmered in Cointreau and raisins to flavor and finish. Spread out on the puff pastry and baked at 400 degrees F. While the pastry was cooling I brushed it a couple of times with a syrup that was made with the peels and lavender sprigs. So Good!

New rail for the corn bed.

This morning Ray made a rail to go around the corn. We do not have a big wind problem but we have waited 20 years for a home-grown ear of corn. We would hate to lose it to a big gust of wind.

Marion Berries

In the Toy Box I have been picking a few blueberries every day and putting them in the freezer. A slow process but the bag of frozen blue berries is getting full. Today I picked my first basket of Marion Berries. While walking the dogs tonight I came across a very small patch of the tiny PNW blackberries with the first ripe fruit glowing in the sunset. I need to get over the hill and check my personal stash.

Tiny, wild PNW blackberries.

 Good Shabbat to you! The Thunder Moon (Av) is about to enter its 2nd qtr. Though there was no rain, it was overcast and muggy. 68/55 Sunrise at 5:39, 15 hours and 11 minutes later the sun set at 8:50

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Summer comes to Everett! 7/4


Today is the first day in nearly a month that has not been defined by the amount of rain we have to deal with in the PNW! I picked my very first bowl of Rainer Strawberries, happily squinting in the sun. There were precious few. The chamomile blossoms were abundant. I wish I could share the beautiful scent of these two together. Turns out that there was just enough for breakfast. What more does a girl need?

Yellow Transparent Apples

I wonder if I remember correctly? I chose Yellow Transparent because of the Fourth of July pies made from fruit plucked from my grandma’s tree. Maybe it was later than July 4 that we had summer pie? These are a long way from ready. Maybe for Christopher’s birthday in early August (Maybe for Ray’s in late August)?

Mastro Shelly Peas

Unlike the strawberries and apples, it looks like there will be enough fresh peas for our 4th of July dinner….if I can keep my pea loving dog, Rudy, from helping himself. (see the video)

From June 19. I guess there has been some progress.


Cinderella Pumpkin seeing its first day of sunshine.

I cannot remember a day of sunshine since I planted these pumpkins. You can see how much they have grown since the video. I am not sure I will get pumpkins but it is only early July so I have not given up hope yet.

Gone Fishing

4th of July in the PNW, It is supposed to be clear today but I’m being told that the temp will only get up to 66*F (low of 50). The Strawberry moon is full. Pleasant day, pretty night (and it is not because of that moon). Sunrise at 5:16, sunset at 9:10……Happy Independence Day!

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