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Spring again… happy me!

3March 26, 2017 (26)

Tiny Pink and White French Breakfast Radishes

Every year about this time, the daffodils bloom, the birds sing during the day and the frogs party by the light of the moon. We survived another winter. It’s good to be alive.

2february-25-2017-1 I have a couple of garden projects I like to start in January and February, but those are mostly to scratch what starts to itch with the first seed catalog. My Gardening starts to get honest when the peas and first potatoes go into the cold, wet soil.

3March 26, 2017 (21) I planted a lot of pea seeds, Tall Alderman, a French Heirloom sno pea, Sugar Snaps and a row of Green Arrow peas. I could show you pictures of those but right now they look a whole lot like clean dirt, wood chips and a nice structure Ray made for them to climb. These peas (a big pot of Cascade Snap Peas and another of Maestro) I started on Presidents Day. They seem to like it outside.

3March 26, 2017 (27) Potatoes: These were started in February. I’ve planted Vikings (Purple, Gold, Fight Fight) Yellow Bananas, and some kind of yellow that I saved from last year. I still have some Russet Burbanks and another fingerling still to put out. We do not have a lot of room for lots of potatoes, but we do what we can. A man once said that if I haven’t had a fresh from the dirt potato then you really do not know what a potato tastes like. He was right.

There is more to spring then peas and potatoes. I had a walk-about  this morning to see whats happening. Here is a small selection.

3March 26, 2017 (20)

The Herb Garden …chives are looking good

3March 26, 2017 (17)

Comfrey coming up in the Raspberry bed. It won’t be long until I’m pulling up big bundles of this daily for the chickens and all my medicinal needs.

3March 26, 2017 (2)

Two years ago I planted some very expensive flowering broccoli (a kale-brussels sprout hybrid). It comes back, or maybe better, it doesn’t die. Every year it sends up a new stem and makes a new branch of kale flowers. I guess it was worth the price of the seed. My hens sure like it.

3March 26, 2017 (5)

There is still a lot of work to do but we are enjoying every moment.

3March 26, 2017 (18) That’s my Rudy Valentine standing in my new strawberry bed. It was supposed to be an asparagus bed but they didn’t take. So all of the strawberries that I pulled out of the herb bed went upstairs into my new strawberry bed. I think these are called Pacific Reliant. I bought two or three plants last spring and now they are everywhere… well they were everywhere, now they’ve moved to this bed. In front of Rudy is a stand of Fever Few, the tea from the flowers does everything an aspirin does without eating away your stomach. The echinacea (cone flower) is just coming up all burgundy and fresh. If I’m not careful where I step, the scent of peppermint fills the air. It’s nice. Welcome back Spring!


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July is for herbal flowers

Hidcote Lavender from the Toy Box herb garden

I went out this morning to harvest one of my lavenders. Yesterday I harvested the buds of an unnamed pink lavender. The pink has a floral scent but the hidcote lavender has the classic lavender scent that I love as a cooking herb and in sweets. While I was out, I harvested about half of my white lavender too.


The comfrey was lush and lovely through June. The graceful sprays of deep blue blossoms were attractive to bees and humming birds. I harvested some of the leaves to make a hot process oil that is awesome for relieving pain in my arthritic shoulders and sternum. I also make a tea of fresh comfrey leaves with lemon balm and mint (the last two are mostly for flavor) and it instantly relieves pain from my acid reflux. I’ve never tried to dry comfrey before. I have so much of it that I have togive it a try. My Jason used to make a poultice of the fresh leaves when he was boxing. I’m not sure if he ever broke a rib or just bruised them but he knows why comfrey has the nickname bone-knit. The pain relief is amazing. I still have quit a stand of comfrey to take care of. I could use more comfrey oil to mix with the St Johns oil that is cold processing on my shelf. I am told that combination is the best way to relieve joint pain.

One of two small stands of Chamomile growing at the Toy Box

Using my fingers as a rake I was quickly able to gather a pint of chamomile blossoms for tea. I’ve also been taking the blossoms of calendula (Pot Marigold) and will make a cream or ointment from those petals.

Need oregano?

This powerhouse plant is taking over. I hacked and pulled until there was a large scented heap of oregano in the pathway. I ended up stuffing it into the potato tower (where the indeterminate potatoes “Burbank Russets” grow. Usually I put straw or grass clippings into the tower to grow potatoes in layers but I had to do something with all that oregano. Chris thought I should feed it to the chickens for preseasoned eggs. Hummm.

After attacking the herb garden.

Really, I only went out to harvest the lavender. I do not know what got into me.

Oh yum, Marion berries are coming

Warm and humid. It runs me down.  70/57 with a heavy cloud cover. If you could see it you would know that the strawberry moon is waning. Sunrise at 5:29, Setting at 9:00 (15 hours and 31 minutes of gloomy daylight.)


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