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Mukilteo Birding

October 23 2017 birding journal
Ray spilled a little bit of chicken scratch and the Junco’s were having a party outside of my kitchen window. A flash of blue drew my gaze to the fence where my old friends, the Steller’s Jays sat in the sun.

I’ve loved Steller’s Jays since our days in the mountains when they used to pull my newly sprouted peas out of the ground just because they could. These are birds who just want to have some fun. All I had to do to save my pea crop was to put up my pole bean tee-pi while it was still too cold for beans and hang a mesh bag of peanuts from it. It was fun watching them working peanuts out of the mesh (If you try this at home, make sure the mesh is just big enough for the peanuts to come through but not so big that the birds get their heads stuck in the bag.) Problem solved.

In the midst of memory lane, Ray joined me at the kitchen window. After watching our visitors for a little while, he asked if I would like to drive down to the beach to do a little birding. He didn’t have to ask twice. We grabbed cameras and binoculars, leashed up Rudy and we were off.

Bomber 4 The summer of 2017 we spent many evenings at the beach near Mukilteo just to enjoy the sunset while we walked the dogs, all because of my wanky hip. The paved path is level, the parking is free and there was always something interesting to see. Driving down the winding lane that leads to the beach, I started feeling that pain of not having Bomber with us… again. Thought I had put that to bed, but there I was, tears seeping out. It didn’t last long, but we did make a decision to walk on the beach instead of along the walk way. It was lovely but there were not many birds. On the water we could see California Gulls and Cormorants (they were too far away to know what kind). There wasn’t much. Rudy kept the crows away. We have always encouraged him to chase crows out of the garden, so when he spots one anywhere, he is off! A small flock of sparrows flit around the brush that grows near the fence. There was also a small bird who flew by with a flash of pale yellow belly teasing us but not letting us get a bead on her (from the camera, not a gun scope).

Standing on the rip-rap, watching a couple of sea lions who came up to look around, I saw two Spotted Towhees on the rocks. That was fun. After chatting with a couple of other dog walkers we loaded ourselves back into the truck and started back up the road that leads home. We couldn’t help but notice a two ladies standing at the edge of the road with their cameras aimed at an old dead tree. We knew right away what they were getting a picture of, one of the Bald Eagles that hangs near the waterfront. Great final find!

Debs in Everett, WA who spent some time praying through Psalm 54 this morning.

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I’m all over the place (+ AM Devotions)

October 19 2017 Lk Conner Park
What do we do when it is pouring down rain and the money’s low? Ray and I like to get out to do some birding. Our idea of birding is going to a favorite pull off with our binoculars and (usually) a thermos of coffee (we forgot to bring coffee).

October 19 2017 mergansers Common Mergansers …or maybe Red-breasted Mergansers? We were not sure. Ray said Red, I said Common. The day was so gray, making the afternoon light flat. All we know is that they are Mergansers because of the wild “doo” the guys had after a dive. The crazy crest is something we love about this bird.

October 19 2017 Kingfisher Kingfisher Sitting on the signpost, watching for any fish the Merganser miss was a shy Kingfisher. We did see him hop to the water and come up with a minnow. You may need to look carefully for him in the picture. I only had my phone, not my powerful camera. Ray had his camera, but it has been a while since he used it and the settings were off. If you are having a difficult time seeing Mr Kingfisher, you could make a pilgrimage to the Everett Waterfront in Washington state… or you could just go to a river or lake near your home. If you sit still and are patient, you will see him.

Port of Everett, Everett, Washington saltwater

  1. Mew Gulls
  2. California Seagulls
  3. Malards
  4. One Bald Eagle
  5. Four Crows
  6. at least 7 Mergansers
  7. Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons!
  8. One Osprey (usually there are many)
  9. One Kingfisher

Lake Conner Park: Lake Stevens, Washington freshwater

  1. One Stellar Jay (an old friend from Robe Valley)
  2. Mallards
  3. Harlequins !!!
  4. Golden Eyes
  5. Sparrow (flew by so fast, I’m not sure what kind)
  6. One Shy Poke (Great Blue Heron)
  7. Dozens of Coots

October 20 2017 Morning Devotions; Psalm 50:23 “He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me; and to him who orders his Way aright I shall show the Salvation of God.”

I am thankful that I am not in the business of translating Scripture. It seems like a holy work of guessing.

In Hebrew, the word we see translated “sacrifice” means “praise with uplifted hand” I think it is translated “sacrifice” because it is something we offer to YHVH even if we do not feel thankful. In my overview of 1 Thessalonians, I keep coming across the idea of giving Thanks because it acknowledges the will of the Almighty over my will. It is the same idea here, in Psalm 50:23.

The idea of “who orders” means ‘to set someone on something’.  Between the phrases, “honors Me” and “to him who orders” is the Hebrew letter Vav which is a picture of hooking two things together. In this verse, the sacrifice of Thanksgiving and The Way (living for YHVH) are “hooked together”. The result of walking The Way with Thanksgiving isn’t always happiness in this world, but there is Joy! (and the Joy of the LORD is our strength! Nehemiah 8:10) The Almighty makes you a promise, He will show you the Salvation of God, You can not earn salvation, and you cannot walk The Way by determination. In point of fact, I doubt that you will be able to honestly give a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Almighty without being born again! If you are not born-again, take care of that before anything else! For those who believe, what are you facing today? Give a sacrifice of Thanksgiving! Are your children doing something or facing something that causes you distress? Acknowledge God’s control and will for you by giving him Thanks. Do not live your life doing what makes sense, walk The Way (live a life that He tells you to live in the Word) You are not your own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Is your marriage unsatisfactory or even in trouble? Did you make a huge mistake? Offer the sacrifice of Thanksgiving for your spouse (never stay if you are being physically hurt, do not participate in evil) and live your life for the Almighty. How is your health? your finances? your job? Give a sacrifice of thanksgiving and walk The Way!

I shall show the Salvation of God… What is it that God rewards you with? The Salvation of God. But you say, ‘I am already born-again’ and besides, you know you cannot earn salvation by what you do, so what does that mean?

Salvation is from the Hebrew word, Y’shua. The One we call Jesus. God will show you how much He loves you by showing you Jesus. When was the last time you read Isaiah 53? He feels your suffering, your grief, your every pain. Have you been angry at Him because of the circumstances you face? He isn’t angry with you. Talk to Him. He will show you the love of Jesus. What are you waiting for? He heals broken hearts. (Psalm 147:3) Go to him now.

February 23 Chickens (1) Bomber Debs in Everett, WA …whose broken heart and emptiness is slowly starting to heal. It still hurts, but it isn’t as sharp of a pain.

We still have ten hours and 35 minutes of daylight. If you have a hoop house or green house, you can still plant winter salad in Everett, Wa. It is getting late, but you can if you want. Ray and I will still plant Garlic and Fava (Broad) Beans on October 31. You ?

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Yellow breasted Chat

we may have spotted a rare bird in the draw off our back yard. After looking it up on What Bird(http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/342/_/Yellow-breasted_Chat.aspx), and listening to the call, we belive we have it right.

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