Office Ready

Office/Pantry/Library got some long overdue attention. I got the school out of my space. I can hardly believe how dedicated to fun and efficient for school the place had become. Two trash loads of just paper work (and I have not even gone through my files yet.) With everything I took down or threw away I felt like my life was coming back. I hurt a little (ok, a lot) and there is still more to do, but it’s a great start.

August 22, 2017

Today there is a study in Ephesians to finish, and the view outside of my window, YUCK. I’ve got to tidy up the deck. More clean up in the garden (there is a BERRY big mess!) Some amazing smelling apples to bake. AND it’s Taco Tuesday!

It’s gonna be a great day.

Debs…. survived the Eclipse, August 22, 2017



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Does God really love me?

It is the day of the great American eclipse. Serious fog is blocking my view in Everett, Wa. We cannot see across the valley, never mind seeing to the sky.

The dogs are acting a little weird, at least Rudy is. He is jumpy and acting like he either hurts or will be hurt. He doesn’t want to eat. It’s hard to watch. Coincidence? Of the many details I prayed for last night, one of them was that the Almighty would take care of my dogs if Scott Clark is correct and the rapture of the church takes place this year on the Feast of Trumpets. That is so exciting! Yet, while I write that thought my eyes turn to the warm body with the faithful eyes who is tightly cuddled next to me. What will become of my dog?

3March 26, 2017 (18)I know that there are animals in heaven. Y’shua returns from heaven on a white horse. Surly there is a place for Rudy and Bomber too. I will trust Him, whose eyes are on anonymous sparrows.

My title isn’t really my question. I KNOW the Almighty loves me. I’m actually a little overwhelmed by that fact after a very brief study of Ephesians 1:5-6.

In Love YHVH predestined us to adoption as sons through Y’shua haMashich to Himself according to the kind intention of His will to the praise of the glory of His grace which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.

My pre-study starts with 5w’s and an h. I’ve already looked at some word studies during my overview. (I was well trained by Kay Author’s Precept Ministries a long time ago) Looking at the question of when this this passage took place, the enormity of the little phrase, “before the foundation of the world” began to sink in.

Y’shua is famous  for telling us that He is going to prepare a place for us. John 14:3 But it occurs to me that I was “predestined to adoption… before the foundation of the world. My take on this is that, like we know Y’shua is doing, the Almighty prepared a place for us. To prepare a place for us agrees that he already chose us “before the foundation of the world.” Y’shua paid my price with his blood, YHVH accepted the payment and raised Him from death. Y’shua returned to the Heavenly realm to ‘prepare a place’. Now we are simply waiting for Him to come again and receive us to Himself.  I’m not sure which direction this study will go, but “In love” is how it is speaking to me today. Are you ready?

Aug 20 2017 Eph 1 3-4 Par ici et par la Speaking of the Ephesians study, the 2nd lesson has been posted. I loved what the Almighty was speaking to me. It was almost hard to keep up it came so fast. Pour a cuppa coffee, then click here “Who are you?” Ephesians 1:3-4 I promise it is not as long as the 1st lesson I did. It will give you something kewl to do while you wait for the eclipse to pass over.

Debs in Everett, WA 8/21/2017

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Coming up for air


Grin, some little girl made the cone into a wild flower vase, #DogWalk at Mukilteo

Well that was bad. Sinus infection on the right side of my face that was so painful I couldn’t function for a week. Then I felt better on Wednesday (today is Friday)… for about 23 minutes before the sinus’ on the left started to swell. My mouth is raw from mega doses of vitamin C. I woke up this morning at 1 AM and realized that I feel fantastic! Hallelujah!

Since I couldn’t get back to sleep I posted the Ephesians Bible study that I was working on before the head crush came. It is full of typo’s that I need to edit but it is up. If you like, you can click here: Ephesians 1:1-2


The beach at Mukilteo on the Edge Water Side. Sunset Dog Walk

Stress, why can’t I just talk myself out of it? I remembered to pray for my former supervisor. He is prone to crones disease when he is stressed. I was very worried about him and prayed often for his health. But honestly, I thought I was OK, that this was going to be good for me (not working for the school anymore). But I had a difficult time just letting it rest. I felt so ashamed. That was wrong but it was there.


The Washington Olympic Mountains and the Mukilteo ferry dock from Edge Water

The Almighty had given me direction last spring. Put in your notice. But not wanting the school to be burdened with the need to find more teachers who will work full time for $800 a month (we are a ministry not a business… at least we keep telling ourselves that, and watch as God supplies our every need) I chalked up my notion to put in my notice to end of school exhaustion. Maybe I could have saved myself and my supervisor a whole load of misery if I had listened to that still, small voice instead of being a team player… and seriously, no one at school thought I was a team player. Lesson learned. I’m finally getting a tiny spark of feeling good about tomorrow. It’s time to get back to work, my work, my life

Debs, August 18, 2017

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Hal Lindsey & Chuck Missler

January 20, 2015: Obama was president and the world was going insane. I can see that looking back. But like frogs in a pan that is slowly being heated we Americans just hunkered down to wait out this presidency for the next, more tolerable executive in the White House. It seems that “tolerable” was not the Almighty’s plan for America.

When Lindsey and Missler first published this informal chat I thought is was interesting. It has only been two and a half years since I watched it. On a sleepless early morning, I put on my headphones and looked for something to watch since I couldn’t sleep. This came up on my “suggested for you” list. Days before the big eclipse that has so many troubled or excited, their talk is even more relevant to me. Have a listen, let me know your reaction.

To the King and the kingdom!

Debs, August 17, 2017 in Everett, WA

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by the WILL of YHVH

A lot has happened in the last 48 hours. I looked inside of myself and got angry and depressed about being fired. Never mind that I supported the reason I was let go… but I pictured getting younger staff for our school by filling empty positions. Not by giving up my position. I felt so rejected and embarrassed.  I became so full of myself that I told Ray, I don’t want to ever have anything to do with any of them again. Surly they despise me and have only been tolerating me up till now or this would not have happened! Ray is a patient man. He looked right at me and said, “It is too early to make a decision like that.”  He was right.

Aug 13 2017 WILL PrestinCrosby This morning I re-opened the book of Ephesians. I meant this to be a study for my students. The Almighty had something else in mind.

There is a tiny, nearly insignificant word in the English text, the word is will. I’ve been doing my pre-study of this book since the middle of July yet somehow I did not pay attention to this common little word. But this morning it jumped out at me, like a gift in a pretty ribbon.

Will: thelma G2307 a determination about a subject or thing… the choice made about the subject. (Zoe) An expression or inclination of pleasure toward that which is liked. That which pleases and makes joy. When it is God’s will it signifies His gracious disposition towards something. Designates what God Himself does of His own good pleasure.

The very first use of thelma in the book of Ephesians is in verse 1.

1:1      Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, to the saints who are at Ephesus and who are faithful in Christ Jesus:

I become so used to Paul being an apostle and to the little word will that I nearly missed the significance of Paul’s opening word to the Ephesians. Who but the Almighty would choose a terrorist who murdered, jailed and went out of his way in hate to persecute believers in Y’shua (Jesus)? Paul was the result of the will of YHVH (God). It gave the Almighty pleasure to choose someone whose will was completely against the will of God and make him the missionary, the apostle, of the love of YHVH though Y’shua! Paul thought that his whole life was going one direction. His studies, his work, his associates… but in one unexpected moment, everything changed. My change was not nearly as dramatic as Paul’s, but like Paul, I can trust that what the Almighty wants for the last years of my life are brighter and better then where I thought I would go.

What else does Ephesians tell me about the Almighty’s will?

1:9     He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him

1:11     also we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,

From my perspective, YHVH’s will is a mystery–purposed in Y’shua. It is always a surprise, but only to me. Everything that happens in my life has a purpose in the will of the Almighty. He alone knows why I am faced with the circumstances of my life. The hardest things always work out to be good. For me, this is why it is important to thank God “in all things and through all things,” though I have known times when my thank-you’s were strictly obedience rather then heart felt.

2:3     Among them (the sons of disobedience 2:2) we too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest.

The heart is where Y’shua rules our lives (a study for a different day). If he has not been invited into my heart, then my life is ruled by my mind and my flesh. Logic and desire. Every believer must choose to seek Y’shua with all their heart, the mind must be in submission to the heart where Y’shua sits as Lord, so must the strength of our flesh. If I simply go with what I think or what I feel, then I am no different then “children of wrath”, unbelievers. It is normal to make decisions with my intellect and experience (mind) and to react to what I feel (flesh). But we who are born again are not normal, we are supernatural and need to submit all our mind and all our strength to the heart, where Y’shua reigns.

5:17     So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Ephesians 5:17 is still building on submitting our will to Y’shua rather then our feelings or logic. Y’shua is our light in this dark world (John 1:1-4, Eph 5:14) We are to be careful how we walk (from the Hebrew HALAK meaning how we live a righteous life, it has to do with the earlier word studies of saint and holy which both have to do with living inside the curtain of the temple, a consecrated life… where we live while free to come and go to minister and rest). The days are evil, there is no time to live by logic or feelings, but only by the direction of Y’shua from the heart.

6:6     not by way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.

Finally, no matter what our position is on this earth (this word is for slaves), we who believe in Y’shua are to do YHVH’s will from our heart!

What a life changing word study. I was feeling embarrassed, angry, sad and sick to my… head (those headaches were not from my heart). My mind came up with a plan based on the logic of what I experienced in the past, and what these people, whom I love, must really think of me (not how they are being obedient to the Almighty). I was acting as if I was a “son of disobedience”. But Jesus loves me, this I know! He will never throw me away (Deut 31:6, Matt 28:20, Heb 13:5-6) All he asks is that I look to him, to seek his kingdom, (Matt 6:33). I can always count on Him to direct my path in life (Prov 3:5-6)

I am thankful for the Almighty’s patience toward me. I am amazed that he can take one simple word and change my moment, to make beauty form what seemed like ashes. To anoint me with joy in the midst of my mourning and to cover me with praise (from the earlier word study blessed) instead of that spirit of heaviness. (Isa 61:3)

How do you “press on” when you feel crushed?

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,  fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.    Heb 13:1-2

Debs, August 13, 2017

All Scripture references are from the New American Standard Update NASU

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 Just in time!     New Flamingos to help ease my pain.

One more step toward the new adventure Ray and I have been dreaming of.  I was fired from my job to make room for someone younger. I’m sure there were other reasons, I’m a bit of a Maverick, but that was the reason I was given. They want someone younger. OK

Other then feeling rejected, other then being embarrassed about something that is out of my control, I could still feel the hand of the Almighty in this. I actually intended to put in my notice last spring, but when another, long time teacher retired, I decided that this was not the best time to lay this on my school. After talking to Ray, I committed my head to two more years at school, then I would put in my notice; then we would put rubber to the road and start our adventure. I should have listened to my heart. It would have saved me and my supervisor this humiliation. Now what?

I’ve written a daily meditation/study on the book of Ephesians for this year. I think I’ll start posting it. I’d like to still have an income, but YHVH has always provided for our every need. I do not know what I will do tomorrow, but tonight Ray bought four different kinds of organic ice cream! I’ll figure out tomorrow, tomorrow.

Debs; 8/11/17

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The Decision Has Been Made

Changes are coming to The Toy Box.

It will be a slow transition, but it is coming. We are fixen to sell our urban farm and hit the road. Being an American Gypsy has always been a dream, now we have decided to do it. We have two years to make the transition. There are moments that I am completely overwhelmed. There are times when I am dancing for joy.

Today, just walking the dogs seems precious. I will not walk this walk through the seasons again… once we go.

787 days from today, April 19, 2017 To Launch Day, June 15, 2019

2 more years of school, 2 more gardens… unless something changes.

Debs at The Toy Box Suburban Farm… Soon to be the Toy Box Life (humm, that could change)

Everett, Washington

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