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What is Chanukah?

Dedication… It isn’t about magic oil.

The heart of Chanukah is standing against paganism by “dedicating” yourself to the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, Y’shua which means salvation.

That is the heart of the 8 day celebration. Dedication of the temple, our body is the temple of the Spirit of God. (1 Corinthians 6:19)

The first night of the celebration of Dedication this year is December 2nd (2018). I am going to light the first candles and make jelly donuts. We only eat fried food during Chanukah, that’s what we do because it was part of our transition from the pagan winter holidays. More important, I am going to be in the Word, reviewing Micah 6:8, asking YHVH in Y’shua-Jesus’ Name to show me His way.

Happy Chanukah!

Debs in #EverettWA


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Finding Preachers of Righteousness in an UnGodlyWorld

I hear it all the time, ‘there are so many denominations that it is impossible to know who is right and who is bug-nutz.’

2 Peter chapter 2,   #NTin2018

November 14, 2018 Pause-Cafe That’s fair. There are so many different places to worship. You can choose wild celebration or somber contemplation. I was born again in a church that allowed everyone to speak in a tongue or sing a worship song… all at once, for 20 minutes, and I have worshiped in a church that only allowed the preacher to speak, and we only sang what the choir led us to sing. Y’shua-Jesus was in both places. Who was right? All I can tell you was that Y’shua spoke to me in the diversity. But how would I know if a congregation was rejected by Y’shua?

There was a time, as a young mother, that I had the privilege of being a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader. It was BSF that began to expose my prejudice toward those who did not choose my denomination. I discovered that believers did things different, but believed that “Jesus is Lord, the Word of God made flesh.” Still there are some who were just wrong… but wrong by whose standards? Second Peter chapter two helps me know.

Peter says that there are false teachers sprinkled among us. But how do you find them?

  • They are secretive, teaching that Jesus, who died for our salvation, is not God.

This will always be at the top of the list of what is wrong, but because of secrecy, it may not be obvious at your first Bible study with them. In general, you are going to be made to feel like you are very special, attractive, wanted. Instead of being taught, you will be seduced. The seduction is subtle, you came for a Bible study, but the “study” is just a hook to trap you. Bible study can often be exciting, but the excitement should be because you know more about Y’shua and The Way of Life. The excitement of a false teacher is different. You will feel special, which is seductive. They “understand” you. You don’t have a sin problem, you just need to understand the secrets to life.

I personally try to live with the idea that, freely I have received of God, freely I give. I do not mind asking for help paying for consumable materials (the Word is freely given, books and study aids have to be paid for). I also support paying a tithe or making a donation to pastors, missionaries and schools to support those whose lives are given to ministry. But there are those who offer a free introductory class, but if you want to really know the secret things being taught, then you must pay. This is a red flag indicating a possible false teacher. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

False teachers have other red flags. (2 Peter 2:12-15) They love the life of luxury. Their lifestyle is expensive and they need a lot of your money to support it. They love the night life and want to party with you. Vacations, often called retreats or seminars will be in exotic locations. As long as you are spending your money, you are the most amazing, fun person they have ever met. But what happens when your money runs out or what if you disagree with the false teaching?

Lot, the nephew of Abraham had a place of respect in the city of Sodom. But when he stood against them, the respect quickly became mocking.

The prodigal son of Luke 15:11-32 was the life of the party… the party that he longed to be a part of. It wasn’t until the money ran out that he knew what a stupid path he had chosen.

God rescued both of these men, but they lost so much. Lot’s family crumbled, the prodigal’s brother became his enemy, they are examples of 1 Corinthians 3:15

3:10-14 According to the grace of God which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it. For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it because it is to be revealed with fire, and the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work. If any man’s work which he has built on it remains, he will receive a reward. 15 If any man’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.

So much of what could have been your heritage, will belong to the false teacher. But there is hope. If you find yourself a victim of a false teacher, repent. You ignored the red flags because you were celebrated. You had moments of thinking, “that ain’t right” when the Lord who died for you was demoted to “just a man like us, putting his pants on one leg at a time” (or whatever is said that makes you equal to the Son of God. You wanted to be part of something exclusive. Repent.

the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from temptation, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who indulge the flesh in its corrupt desires and despise authority.   2 Peter 2:9-10

Teachers, it is of the greatest importance that you teach the word and honor Christ as God. It is the godly who will be rescued, those who are convicted by the Word hidden in the heart. Be careful what you teach (2 Timothy 2:15). Lives depend on it. Not just your students, Peter makes it clear that the punishment for false, greedy, adulterous teachers is extreme.

February 16 Mark7 Debs in Everett, Washington

Encouraging you to be amazed because of Y’shua-Jesus, the Son of God. Learn from your teacher, but give the Glory (and the tithe) to the Almighty.

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. For we all stumble in many ways. James 3:1-2a



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By His loving enabling, I trust.

October 9, 2018 Constance BurgerLong before morning light had penetrated the darkness of the ebbing night, Anne Graham Lotz was on my heart. I wanted to pray for her healing. I like to pray scripture when I pray for souls, but oddly enough, instead of scripture, all that came to me was sadness that she does not have her husband or parents to care for her in her time of need.

What? No one to care for her? That did not come from the throne of grace. Repenting of that thought, some of the simple, early scriptures I’ve treasured in my heart sprang to mind, and after too quick of a prayer, I faded back into sleep.

From my desk, I casually read Amy Carmichael and was warm with the fire of the Spirit, knowing that today’s passage was the direction for my prayers, not just for a famous woman I’ve never met, though she has touched my life, but for my-self and so many others that I love. (from Edges of His Ways, October 9)

1 John 4. 16 : (Rotherham) We have come to understand and to trust the love which God hath in us.

“I have been thinking much of this translation. We can never fully understand that love, but we can begin to understand it even here and now and as we understand, we trust. This means that we trust all that the love of God does; all He gives and all He does not give; all He says, and all He does not say.

To it all we say, by His loving enabling, I trust. Let us be content with our Lord’s will, and tell Him so, and not disappoint Him by wishing for anything He does not give. The more we understand His love, the more we trust. 

I am 61 years old. I was born-again when I was 21 years old. Forty years in the faith and I still have so much to learn about love and The Way of the cross. When I have strength because of health and plenty to eat, I have no call to consider the love of YHVH. But when I am weak, from anything, while it seems my friends are walking in strength, climbing mountains, caring for grandchildren (and staying young), getting together for coffee, what ever, those are the times that I wonder if perhaps I have lost The Way of the Cross and failed the Almighty in some way, causing Him to withhold love from me… as if weakness is a symptom of not being loved, or that God loves like a parent who rewards or shows disappointment by dispensing or withholding love. That is not my Abba!

October 9, 2018 PAUSE - CAFe So I pray for God’s beloved Anne, and the many others on my heart, that we know first and foremost, the Love of God. And in knowing that love, that we trust.

Debs in Everett, WA …remembering to Thank Him “in all things and for all things!” Because He is Love.

(and thanks to Constance Berger for the beautiful artwork)

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That the word of God not be discredited

October 8, 2018 Jenny e il Piccolo Some mornings things come together in unexpected ways. I set out to seek my Lord in the 2nd chapter of Titus, a chapter of lists. Before starting, I read today’s thought from Sarah Hornsby’s book, “At The NAME of JESUS


from 1 Peter 2:4-5 …come to Him, the living stone who was rejected by people but was chosen and precious in God’s sight, you, too, as living stones, are building yourselves up into a spiritual house and a holy priesthood, so that you may offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God through Jesus, the Messiah.

In Titus chapter 2 Paul expands on his teaching that we who believe must speak “sound” words.

Sound” is translated from the Greek word hugiaino G5198 which has to do with “hygiene” in English. To me it means that I have been made clean in Y’shua-Jesus, I now have a responsibility to live a clean life… to practice spiritual hygiene while walking on this earth. Sound is to be true (straight-edge), pure and uncorrupted in doctrine. To be “sound” is to be strong and free from what makes me weak.

So Paul gives lists to his dear Titus, his true child in the faith. There are lists for older men, older women, the young women who are being taught by the older women, young men and for bond-slaves like Paul. These lists are the bare bones of a believers conduct while “in the world but not of it.” (see John 17:16-17) As people chosen by the Almighty, we have access to the throne of YHVH (the LORD) by the blood of Y’shua-Jesus. This means we have God’s ear, his wealth, his loving care, because we have become his own children! But it seems as if we do not live in that holy realm… yet.

How then shall we live? We are not what we were, good or bad, we are now new creatures. Sometimes we need a “cheat sheet” as we learn how to live as God’s children. The old way of surviving has been embraced in such a way as to often confuse us in our new life. Paul gave Titus lists of basic characteristics of believers.

Older Women (my list)

  • show reverence to God in your behavior
  • not gossiping
  • not being drunks
  • teachers (to younger woman) of what is good

Is it possible for me to keep that list as a practice of self-control? Maybe on a good day. Perhaps if it is OK to live a reverent life so that others see me as a respectable woman; but Paul says to show “reverence to GOD in my behavior.

Faith means that I have access to the Almighty in Jesus Name. What does it mean for me to come face to face with YHVH (the LORD)? How might I act before Him? Personally? I come to Him as Esther, putting on my very best, desiring to be pleasing in His eyes, coming to Him in fear, waiting for His touch of favor. That is the reverence my beloved is looking for in a woman like me, an Older Woman. When I have that attitude clear in my heart, I feel an immediate sting if gossip slips from my lips or into my mind, or if I am drinking to excess. The more I live in prayer as a warrior-queen, in the presence of God by the blood that it cost Y’shua to free me from my slavery to sin, the more I live for YHVA. Someday I will see clearly, but for now I live as if seeing his reflection everywhere. (see 1 Corinthians 13:12) But how?

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.   Matthew 6:33 ESV

It is not bad to attempt to live a clean life as long as you know that whatever we do is just something dirty we hope to give as a gift to the One who gave His only begotten Son for our salvation. (Isaiah 64:6) It is not wrong to teach our children and students to conform to the Way of Righteousness as long as we do not deceive our-self or our children to believe that this is enough, that all God wants is that we act as if religion and the religious way of talking, dressing and acting are enough to please God. Only the blood of Y’shua is enough for God. Christian life is not about embracing a lifestyle with pride and group-think. It is about becoming “Living Stones” being a single, living stone, a brick used to build a temple worthy of occupation by Almighty God. Yet, in God’s eyes, we are the One perfect stone needed in the one perfect placement where He wants us. We are as the pearl of great price that cost him everything. (Matthew 13:45-46)  An awesome love! It starts by talking to him, coming before him by faith in the Living Stone!

November 22, 2017 Psalm 82The one and only way to not “discredit” the Word of God is to not make it a check list, but to die to our self in Y’shua, to live in Him who is the Living Word, the stone that softens our heart!


Debs in Everett, Washington, beautiful in His eyes, because of what He has done in my heart! October 8,2018

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Devote Yourself to Prayer

We are not Islands, untouched by the wickedness of the Powers and Principalities that promote this final war that is drawing all nations to Idlib, Syria. Who knew?

chris sunrise September 10 2018 - Copy From the most ancient of days, the Almighty knew, and foretold of the events that are happening in the unknown Syrian city near the boarder of Turkey. Daily we hear of prophecy either being fulfilled or of events being perfectly set up for fulfillment of prophecy. It moves faster then the lava from the Hawaiian volcano. What should we who believe do?

Colossians 4     #NTin2018

If you are a believer, then you are a brotherhood, a band of warriors under a heavenly Master (Col 4:1). Warriors fight, we are not here to run and hide, that is what our enemies will do (Rev. 6:16). We fight, we stand, united, not under denominational unity, but under our Messiah. Pray for your pastor, pray for each other too.

Devote yourself to prayer. (Colossians 4:2a) Our unity as a band of believers, as valiant warriors, comes in prayer. Here is what Paul, who fought to a wicked death in Rome, instructs us on the topic of prayer in Colossians chapter 4.

  • keep alert… (Colossians 4:2b) The days of falling asleep while praying may be past. Even so, it would be better to fall asleep praying then to fall asleep watching TV. Yet, Y’shua himself pleads with His followers, stay awake! (Matthew 26:40)
  • have an attitude of thanksgiving… (Colossians 4:2c) Scripture is filled with the call for us to be thankful in all things and for all things. When we are not feeling it, then we have the powerful option of offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving. (Psalm 116:17)
  • Pray for “divine appointments”…. specifically, Paul asks us to pray for an open door to speak the mystery of the word of Christ. (Colossians 4:3) This is what I want you to pray for me, it is what I will pray for you if you ask me to.
  • Pray that we make “The Way” clear… (Colossians 4:4) Personally, I know that I can be confusing when I speak. I pray for the words I speak to be God’s words, and that what I say is pleasing to the Almighty, as well as praying that those who hear will hear with understanding.

1 salvation Virginia Jones Finally, Paul encourages us to “make the most of every opportunity.” (Colossians 4:5) I would personally add a request that I would be alert to opportunities. Am I the only one who finds herself deep into a book or a bible study, when the Almighty sends a soul who needs Jesus, and I am reluctant to stop what I was doing? At those moments I can ooze an attitude that says, “Go away” even if I never say it with my mouth. In those moments, the Almighty is always gracious to me. Paul reminds me to show that same lovingkindness (Grace) to those He sent to me for a divine appointment. (Colossians 4:6)

The last word to the Colossians about the prayer of warriors is, labor in prayer for each other to stand perfect and for full assurance that we are in YHVH’s will, not our own. It is time to wake up. This army does not fight with an AK or a 9mm. Our weapons are not of this world, they are far more powerful then guns and bombs that can only take away physical life. (refresh yourself on our weapons, read 2 Corinthians 10:4 in context)

Are you ready? Put on your uniform (Ephesians 6:10-20) and let us encourage One-another!

Deb August 26,2018 Debs …on a beautiful day in Everett, WA, so far away from Idlib, but kneeling in prayer for the Christians who are on the front line, once under the protection of Assad, now dependent on our Almighty God…. those of whom the world is not worthy.

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The secret strength of Paul

This day is holy to YHVH your God; do not mourn or weep.” For all the people were weeping when they heard the words of the Torah. Then he said to them, “Go, eat of the fat, drink of the sweet, and send portions to him who has nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”       Neh. 8:9-10    nasu

September 4, 2018 Philippians chapter 4   #NTin2018

Paul knew the secret. He had been whipped, persecuted, he was on more then one “hit-list.” His whole life was about life in Y’shua-Jesus but the enemy of souls had made it his purpose to kill Paul. To say that few people appreciated Paul’s struggle for their soul, would be a gross understatement. He knew what it was to be hated. How did he go on?

Rejoice in the KING (the Lord) always, and again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4

I like to say that “rejoice” means to rehearse what gives me joy. To remember it, to practice saying it, to give thanksgiving for it. Think on these things. They are my strength. They will be yours too.

Sometimes I feel anxious about my day, my beloved husband, my sons, my life. That doesn’t have to be bad. Feeling anxious is a red flag to stop and pray. Plead with the Almighty, it is OK to speak with urgency, even to beg. That is all part of supplication in Prayer. Pray with thanksgiving. Start where you are at because we are to give thanks in everything. Let me be clear, thank God for the circumstance you find yourself in. He is near, he is about to work through you.

Paul began the epistle (letter) to the Philippians with a prayer, “open the eyes of the heart” …in this last chapter, when the eyes of your heart are opened, you will find the attributes of Philippians 4:8. They are evidence that the Almighty is near to you. Rejoice! You are not alone AND you are about to have your weakness, whatever that may be, become the means to defeat the devil who hates everything that God Loves. So again, I say…

Deb August 26,2018 Rejoice!

Debs in Everett, WA     September 4, 2018

a word spoken at the right time is like the fragrance of apples on a silver tray …My September 2018 theme. 

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Stan Faith 

noun …describes (labels) my reliance on Y’shua-Jesus for Salvation.

Faith is the technical term for the means to approach YHVH (the  Almighty God) IN Y’shua. Faith results in the transformation of character to live “The Way” of Eternal Life.


Thanks to Strong’s and Zoehiates

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