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It all comes down to this…


We have finally settled on a business name, Lavender Deb’s Boxed Lunches. Chris said it out-loud after we had gone through a small list of other possibilities. It is a phrase that I use often, it makes sense. One more purposeful step toward something that fills me with anxiety and, at the same time, joyful determination! I’ll start a tab on this site. It will have to do until either Ray or I have an idea of what we want for a website.

Today’s Ephesians study was all about “In Him.” How odd to be familiar with something and still learn new things about it. I have so much because of the prepositional phrase, “in Him.” You do to if you are a blood bought believer. Of everything that we have In Him, there is purpose. Tribulation is for GLORY (the manifestation of deity). In Christ (the Him of “in him), YHVH has an eternal purpose. That the manifold wisdom of YHVH might be made known in the heavenly places. Toward this purpose, In Him we have bold access to the throne through faith “In Him”


Caramel Apple Fairy Cakes

What does Ephesians 3:12 have to do with Lavender Deb’s? Time will tell the full story. But today I have confidence “In Him” that even in loosing one job, YHVH has not thrown me away, he still has an eternal purpose for me “In Him,” who took bread and fish (as an American I like to think that He made sandwiches for everyone, and that the ravens deliver… who gets that last one?), the little bit that was given to Y’shua, which became enough to feed 5000 men and their families. A defeat for the wicked rulers in the heavenly places.

Lavender Debs… testing Parmesan garlic sticks for the Meatball Marina box. (hoping to survive the 82 degree weather today while baking).

August 27, 2017 Happy Birthday David!

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