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Up Potting Special Sweet Peas

On January 25th my sister-in-law had her last radiation treatment. Hallelujah! 

Sweet Peas March 4
First, I need to get this out of the way… I hate the multi-million dollar cancer treatment cartel as much as I hate cancer. I could not say that while my sister was getting her treatments. I respect the road she chose. I fully support her. Now that she is done, I can say what I feel. Done!

Sweet Peas March 4, 2018 I wanted to do something to mark the moment. I am a simple woman. When I say I am simple, I mean that I am not clever or talented. I know how to embroider but I do not do other crafts, so something cute and crafty was out. I have a talent for making fussy cookies (who doesn’t?) but sugar feeds cancer, so that was not an option. What could I possibly offer? What could I do?

Sweet Peas 5 March 4, 2018 I know how to push seeds into dirt!

In late January what was I going to plant for someone who is good at planting gardens. Humm, there probably wasn’t anything I could grow that would reflect well on my talent (pushing seeds into dirt) but never mind, I would plant something to celebrate “No More Radiation! But what, other then onions, can I grow? (who celebrates onions besides me?)

Sweet Peas 4 March 4, 2018 Sweet Peas! Peas don’t seem to mind cold weather or short days. They can handle a light freeze. I’ll grow sweet-peas! It was easy to find a dwarf variety to put into large pots. Little Sweetheart.

So into the deep-root break-away planters went a package of (soaked overnight in a wet paper towel) sweet pea seed. I waited.

Sweet Peas 3 March 4, 2018 Every year I think I have lost my green-thumb. Let seed stay hidden in the ground just a day or three longer then the early germination day and I start to panic. How did I kill the babies before they could even arch up out of the dirt?

Silly me, they always come up eventually. And my sweet peas did eventually come up. Bright and cheery! A promise of flowers to come. Maybe I’m not a killer of green life after all.

Sweet Peas 2 March 4, 2018 Today, I divided the little green plants into two nice, big planters. A heavy blue stone pot and a light weight foam planter that isn’t as difficult to pick up and move when I need to. One will probably go to Sheri’s beautiful house for the summer. I’m jazzed!

While I was at it, I planted a big planter of spring salad (with a viola to finish my salads!) and put a root-bound pot of crocuses into the side garden. What a great day!

Luke 1 March 4, 2018 I came in, washed up and sent a picture of the up-potted sweet peas to Sheri, letting her know that I am still celebrating! She shot a text right back at me letting me know that she is feeling like her old self again. She thought the pot of baby sweet peas looked great!

Oh, by the way…. she asked if I had heard that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have to remind myself that God is good even though cancer is a mean monster. He loves, He is merciful, and is coming again soon. I also remind myself that our tears are precious to him.

Debs in Everett, Washington… crying, praying, feeling strong and encouraged. Some times it is like a cycle, wash, rinse, repeat. Even so, it is well with my soul.

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Sometimes life is like that

I love to do research. I like taking notes, chasing a down a word or idea to find out what the author means, how the word interacts with the text, how it affects my life. Often, when I am done with my research I like to move on to the next project. It takes a lot of discipline for me to write a report or essay when I am done with the study part. It takes even more discipline for me to edit that first writing, type it up and post it. Then there are always the embarrassing bloopers I find when I read the essay on line. More editing. Sometimes life is like that.

Yesterday, after doing all my research on the section of Ephesians I was working on, I needed to sit down and write it out. When I was still a teacher I gave myself permission to skip this step because of limited time. I’m not a teacher any more. So there I was, in my fresh clean office, staring at a blank page. Now what? Sometimes life is like that.

There was prayer. There was coffee and a favorite pen (favorite today anyway, a girl needs variety), and that clean, blank page. It reflected nothing back at me, it gave no inspiration, it just waited for me. Sometimes life is like that.

I am surrounded by books in my office, books that were once blank pages. Part of the space is pantry space where most of the food is simple, waiting for my decision to make something wonderful from dry beans, simple tomato sauce or barley. It isn’t enough to find a recipe or to soak the beans (I do love my Instant Pot), I have to heat up the stove, rub herbs in my palms to release their essence and decide if that scent goes with this scent to effect the outcome. My space is full of color, bits of paper, stuffed animals, drawings and pictures, multi colored files, gel pens, ink pens, pencils. They are nothing until they decorate and highlight an idea. Everything has potential but it is only potential until something is created. Even the gray of pencil lead or the dull yellow of pasta has potential, but first it has to be sharpened and scraped on paper… or dropped in to a boiling pot of water to soften. Sometimes life is like that.

It is true, I’ve been fired from a job that I loved. The person who fired me is someone my husband and I love. It was horrible, I felt shame. There were those moments when I wondered if I had been better at my job if I could have kept it. There were moments of thinking, I never want to see those people again! Then a moment later I would be praying for them with grace that only the Almighty could fill me with, I want the school to thrive! I want the staff to minister. I want a ministry! My life has become like a blank page.

Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages, asking if I’m ok. Some of you expressed your rage at the school and Christian people in general (I am one). You helped me work through what I was feeling and let it go. Some of you told me that you have gone through these things and assured me that it gets better. The ice cream was wonderful Ray! I am especially thankful for the prayers. That was HUGE!

Once I decided on a verb and a noun my page quickly filled up with an essay that almost wrote itself. I say almost because I was prepared for this. It was satisfying. Now I just need to type it up and post it. I’m ready for the next idea to chase, a new adventure. Sometimes life is like that.

Debs …just breathing, waiting on the Almighty, thinking of a noun and a verb. August 23, 2017

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Does God really love me?

It is the day of the great American eclipse. Serious fog is blocking my view in Everett, Wa. We cannot see across the valley, never mind seeing to the sky.

The dogs are acting a little weird, at least Rudy is. He is jumpy and acting like he either hurts or will be hurt. He doesn’t want to eat. It’s hard to watch. Coincidence? Of the many details I prayed for last night, one of them was that the Almighty would take care of my dogs if Scott Clark is correct and the rapture of the church takes place this year on the Feast of Trumpets. That is so exciting! Yet, while I write that thought my eyes turn to the warm body with the faithful eyes who is tightly cuddled next to me. What will become of my dog?

3March 26, 2017 (18)I know that there are animals in heaven. Y’shua returns from heaven on a white horse. Surly there is a place for Rudy and Bomber too. I will trust Him, whose eyes are on anonymous sparrows.

My title isn’t really my question. I KNOW the Almighty loves me. I’m actually a little overwhelmed by that fact after a very brief study of Ephesians 1:5-6.

In Love YHVH predestined us to adoption as sons through Y’shua haMashich to Himself according to the kind intention of His will to the praise of the glory of His grace which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.

My pre-study starts with 5w’s and an h. I’ve already looked at some word studies during my overview. (I was well trained by Kay Author’s Precept Ministries a long time ago) Looking at the question of when this this passage took place, the enormity of the little phrase, “before the foundation of the world” began to sink in.

Y’shua is famous  for telling us that He is going to prepare a place for us. John 14:3 But it occurs to me that I was “predestined to adoption… before the foundation of the world. My take on this is that, like we know Y’shua is doing, the Almighty prepared a place for us. To prepare a place for us agrees that he already chose us “before the foundation of the world.” Y’shua paid my price with his blood, YHVH accepted the payment and raised Him from death. Y’shua returned to the Heavenly realm to ‘prepare a place’. Now we are simply waiting for Him to come again and receive us to Himself.  I’m not sure which direction this study will go, but “In love” is how it is speaking to me today. Are you ready?

Aug 20 2017 Eph 1 3-4 Par ici et par la Speaking of the Ephesians study, the 2nd lesson has been posted. I loved what the Almighty was speaking to me. It was almost hard to keep up it came so fast. Pour a cuppa coffee, then click here “Who are you?” Ephesians 1:3-4 I promise it is not as long as the 1st lesson I did. It will give you something kewl to do while you wait for the eclipse to pass over.

Debs in Everett, WA 8/21/2017

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 Just in time!     New Flamingos to help ease my pain.

One more step toward the new adventure Ray and I have been dreaming of.  I was fired from my job to make room for someone younger. I’m sure there were other reasons, I’m a bit of a Maverick, but that was the reason I was given. They want someone younger. OK

Other then feeling rejected, other then being embarrassed about something that is out of my control, I could still feel the hand of the Almighty in this. I actually intended to put in my notice last spring, but when another, long time teacher retired, I decided that this was not the best time to lay this on my school. After talking to Ray, I committed my head to two more years at school, then I would put in my notice; then we would put rubber to the road and start our adventure. I should have listened to my heart. It would have saved me and my supervisor this humiliation. Now what?

I’ve written a daily meditation/study on the book of Ephesians for this year. I think I’ll start posting it. I’d like to still have an income, but YHVH has always provided for our every need. I do not know what I will do tomorrow, but tonight Ray bought four different kinds of organic ice cream! I’ll figure out tomorrow, tomorrow.

Debs; 8/11/17

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Learning about my Kelly Kettle

Fire in the hole!


Learning to boil water. That used to be a sarcastic joke I told about fellow women who were well educated and had a fantastic social life but could not cook. It has become a different kind of joke with my new Kelly Kettle.

I’m pretty sure I can light a quick cook fire that burns down to a steady bed of coals. I can turn pancakes golden brown without black spots, bring a pot of coffee to a boil and have a corner of the pit that is burning limbs to use for more charcoal if needed… in the rain! I’m rather proud of my fire-pit skills. I could hardly get my Kelly to flame. Oh the shame of it all!

How timely, here is help. Now I will look for fat wood (and not look down my nose at the thought of it being needed for a simple campfire). Funny, but after watching David’s video, I feel the need for a certain beach on the Washington State Peninsula.

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Show up with Value

Curtis Stone, The Urban Farm Guy randomly gave his best piece of advice on a video I was watching. Show up with value.

BOOM (mind blown!) You want to make it as an urban farmer, show up with value instead of your hat in your hand begging for a the secret to easy success. How about as an evangelist? You have something of amazing value, not something to apologize for. Do you want to make it as a student? Recognize that it is the work that gives you value as a student. That is what makes you successful.

As a teacher, there are students that demand a lot of my time. Their parents are paying tuition and deserve my time but so are a lot of other parents; what can I expect from them? Sometimes I feel like Mary trying to “teach” Tom Sawyer a bible verse. Tom wants the prize that is offered and realizes that the work is a means to an end but entitlement (I want what I want and I want it now) means that he will not “Show up with value”. He will not do the work.

Do the work. show up with your best effort. The world will open doors for that. You can climb the ladder to success. If you expect someone to carry you then get used to the view from the lower rungs.

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The Simple Things; New grow box in greenhouse

March 7, 2015 New grow box in the greenhouse

March 7, 2015 New grow box in the greenhouse

I still need to do a lot of work in the greenhouse…. that makes me happy! Farmer Ray has been working hard to get our urban farm going all last week. When we first moved to Everett the soil was impossible, difficult to sink a shovel into, weedy, in general it was as alive as a bag of compressed peat. Last year (2014) we watched the movie, Back to Eden, and began hauling green chips home.

One year later the soil is alive, soft and full of life, growing beautiful lush stands of food. For the last five years we have been dependent on Square Foot Gardening, we loved it. But our farm was a hobby, not our life. In this economy we have become urban subsistence farmers and need to coax as much from our tiny farm as possible. Ray has been busy rearranging SFG boxes to open up one area to traditional in ground growing while moving other boxes closer together. That was a huge job.

After he was through we had an extra box so he cut it down and put it into the greenhouse. I planted it that night! I’m so happy! Thanks Ray.

Ray's first cake! Yum

Ray’s first cake! Yum

Ray is a much better cake maker then I am photographer. It looks beautiful. Sabbath, March 7, 2015 is a beautiful day! The sky is bright, birds are singing everywhere. 56/34 Sunrise at 6:38 (then back to dark mornings tomorrow), sunset at 6:02 for 11 hours and 36 minutes of delightful day light. grow-grow-grow!

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