Just in time!     New Flamingos to help ease my pain.

One more step toward the new adventure Ray and I have been dreaming of.  I was fired from my job to make room for someone younger. I’m sure there were other reasons, I’m a bit of a Maverick, but that was the reason I was given. They want someone younger. OK

Other then feeling rejected, other then being embarrassed about something that is out of my control, I could still feel the hand of the Almighty in this. I actually intended to put in my notice last spring, but when another, long time teacher retired, I decided that this was not the best time to lay this on my school. After talking to Ray, I committed my head to two more years at school, then I would put in my notice; then we would put rubber to the road and start our adventure. I should have listened to my heart. It would have saved me and my supervisor this humiliation. Now what?

I’ve written a daily meditation/study on the book of Ephesians for this year. I think I’ll start posting it. I’d like to still have an income, but YHVH has always provided for our every need. I do not know what I will do tomorrow, but tonight Ray bought four different kinds of organic ice cream! I’ll figure out tomorrow, tomorrow.

Debs; 8/11/17


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