Layered Spring Bulbs

Everyone has bulbs on sale for 50% off. Give me any vegetable (except maybe cauliflower) and I can grow it. Flowers? not so much.


I can grow flowering herbs for medicine, I can reproduce seeds which seems to involve flowers, I’ve got a nice stand of snap-dragons that I keep trying to kill by digging them up and moving them (but they bloom anyway). Johnny jump ups do OK for me… but then again, I eat those in bento or salad. WAIT… I’ve grown both sweet peas and sunflowers just for looking at. Maybe I can do this after all.

Before starting, Ray hauled a pot that was once a home for a Meyer Lemon tree, peas, multi-colored snap beans and tomatoes. It is big enough that he needed a hand truck to roll it to the back yard. It should be perfect.

It has been a long time since picking up a video camera. My battery died a long time before I was finished. The end of the video is a silent move. I’ll keep you up dated on the blooms. If this works they should start in late February.


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