Winter Salad

Walking by a tub of cold weather greens, I noticed something I have not seen since last autumn. Thick rosettes of Beaujolais (red) Spinach. Since I planned to make a salad anyway I ran and got the salad spinner basket and scissors. It was not long before I had a basket of baby mustards, spinach and Kalette. Fantastic early February find…. and it was not covered!

February 6, 2016 (1)

The color came from Trader Joe’s but the crunch is all Toy Box!

Eating from the garden doesn’t make it spring by any stretch. I let the dogs out at midnight and noticed that the deck was covered with frost. Bundled up, grabbed a flashlight and brought in the trays from the greenhouse. They would have been fine. It was 4o degrees inside the greenhouse last night, and still 40 when I brought the trays back out this morning. Oh well.

This is the last night of the Wolf Moon, but as if to remind me that no matter what happens with the ground hog (what is a ground hog anyway?), the new moon is called The Snow Moon. Because often it does snow while this moon sits in the night sky.

February 7, 2016 Weather Going north for a potato hunt today.

Ridgezilla might not be as tough as predicted but it is still too early for some tender plants. It is cold at night and I am not quite ready to make the daily trek back and forth to the green house to gather up trays of babies.

Happy day to you from Everett Washington.

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