Potato Chitting

Every March I remember that there was one more thing I should have done in January.

January 19, 2016 (9)
Have you bought your seed potatoes yet? I have not. Potato Chitting can take four to six weeks. Potatoes do not have to be chitted (letting the eyes develop the nubs that will become roots and stems) but they do seem to develop faster if they are chitted.

May 21 Potatoes

Stacking potato towers … made by Chris

The rest of the potato eating world might yawn at our choice, but Ray and I love Burbank Russets. For such a popular potato they can be a little difficult to find, especially if I want organic seed potatoes. Burbank Russets are the only potato we have had success with growing in a potato tower. Peeps swear by those things, but every other potato we have tried has only grown potatoes on the lowest level of the tower. Burbanks grew at every level for us.

May 31 Potatoes

Summer potatoes in a half barrel

Potatoes are the hidden treasure in our Everett Garden. You may think you like potatoes, but, like sweet corn, there is nothing like a fresh potato that went from dirt to dinner in less then an hour.

We like the Russetts for fries and baking. We make space for fingerlings, red skinned and yellow flesh potatoes every year. Our main crop, meaning grown for storage, goes in a raised bed, but our summer potatoes are usually grown in blue barrels cut in half the long way. Six potatoes per half barrel allows me to harvest potatoes for summer meals without breaking out the shovel or disturbing the whole bed searching for spuds. Grab the stems and lift. The soil ball comes up from the smooth surface of the barrel. Finding the potatoes from that plant is easy. When a barrel is empty I replant with another quick crop.

May 24, 2015 (28) Frog I guess I had best get my order in and my shopping done… tomorrow. Today is Sabbath and I have been waiting all week for this rest. But I promise, I will be googling “Irish Eyes” and driving out to Sunnyside in Marysville, Washington to look for potatoes to Chit.


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