The Daily Bento Rewind: Taco Tuesday

November 14 Bento Spirit Day (4)

Taco Tuesday

There was a time when I tried to keep everything cute. Instead of one big tortilla, I cut them into bento size rounds. Honestly, they are not even that cute. I do not like to use the microwave but I reasoned that if I just heated up a “cupcake” of beans that it was ok. These days I put the beans and cheese on a full size tortilla, roll it up and place it in the bottom teir where it is ready to heat. I could eat it cold, the microwave is the only thing I do not like about taco tuesday, but I never do eat them cold.

November 14 Bento Spirit Day (2)

What I see before I dig in.



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2 responses to “The Daily Bento Rewind: Taco Tuesday

  1. Re cutting up food, I guess it also depends on the kind of food and availability of utensils when eating. I tend to eat my lunches with either chop sticks and/or spoon so making it bite size is easier.

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