The Daily Bento Rewind; Pre-game

September 24 Bento Wed (1)

Left-overs (looks like meatloaf) loaded, everything else is wash and ready.

Every morning a selection of fresh food and left over bites of protein are gathered for my Bento. Most of the time I head out to the garden to find something REALLY fresh.

Every morning, I tell myself that this would go faster if I took care of this before I went to bed, but I am a morning person (when did that happen?) My creative juices are not flowing at the end of the day.

BTW I am trying to get away from plastic, I don’t buy it anymore, but neither do I throw it in the trash if it is still usable.

Every morning it all seems to come together for lunch I look forward to.

September 24 Bento Wed (2)

It all fits into a tiny box, set on an ice pack in an insulated bag. Just add chopsticks and a jar of fruit-infused water.


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