Daily Bento Rewind

April 24, 2015 bento (1)

April 24, 2015

I usually post my daily bento on facebook. It is quick during my too busy days. I have two whole weeks of winter break and am free to study anything I want instead of what I need to teach (research is a big factor in why I love being a teacher) AND I can slow down and enjoy bento’s past.

This spring bento uses the first of the spicy mesclun greens mix as micro-greens. We grow them here at the Toy Box. They are the first of the salad mixes, and frankly they make the best salads of the season. The tiny, mild pink radishes (I saved seed) are perfect with the spicy baby greens. The to-go container holds a just a drizzle of of TJ’s fat free balsamic dressing, one of the very few bottled dressings that I use. The season’s first johnny jump-ups are “placed” carefully on the greens and in the yogurt. Soon enough there will be enough of them to scatter (this was April in the Pacific North West) I also see a sprig of Chervil (french parsley) and the last of the kale flowers. The rest of the bento is left over chicken chunks, slices of oranges and watermelon cut-outs. I still had enough Toy Box blueberries in the freezer to put on my yogurt.


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