Morning Devotions: Psalm 11

One of the most amazing lessons I have learned so far this year is the story of Rahab. She put her hope in the Almighty. She was instructed to stay inside her apartment, that was built into the wall of the city, the very wall that would fall down when Jericho was defeated. What seems like the most dangourious place in all her world at that time was actually the safest place for her to be.

In YHVH I put my trust; how can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain”? Psalm 11:1 nkj

Rahab had a great-great grandson named David, King of Judah. King David was a man of war. He fought the greatest of enemies. He brought down the giant Goliath. He fought battles against the occupiers of the land of Israel. King Saul was a jealous man who loved his title far more then he loved the Almighty. Though David was loyal to King Saul and was also his son-in-law, Saul wanted to kill him because of David’s righteousness. As if being a target of your king and in-laws is not bad enough, there was a time when David’s handsome son, Absalom did not want to wait to inherit David’s throne, he wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now. He fought dirty. Like the devil himself, he used smooth words to win the people of David’s kingdom to himself. Lies.  Deceit. Flattery. Many believe that this was when David wrote Psalm 11.

For look! The wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow on the string, that they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. Psalm 11:2

So many were telling David to run for his life, save himself, go someplace safe. But like his great-grandma Rahab, David knew there was only one safe place for him no matter what his eyes or friends told him.

YHVH is in His holy temple, YHVH’s throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. YHVH tests the righteous, but the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Psalm 11:4-5

YHVH Almighty loves the righteous! He loves the righteous more than the enemy hates us. What does it take to be righteous?

–Rahab was a prostitute and a liar.
–Her great-grandson David murdered a man because of lust that led to adultery and a pregnancy.

Righteousness is not about living a perfect life, it is about trusting the Almighty with your whole heart. Should Rahab have been a prostitute? Should her Grandson have committed adultery? Absolutely not! Sexual sins are horrible and they hurt so many people other than just the people involved. Could Rahab have protected the spies without lying? Yes. Did David’s adultery need to result in murder? No. Then why do we call David and Rahab righteous if they sinned these horrible sins? It is because they trust in someone greater then themselves.

Psalm 51:3 For I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.
Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:12 Restore to me the joy of Your Salvation-Y’shua, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit.

When you get a moment (and now is as good as any other moment in your day, since your Bible is already opened) read all of Psalm 51. I love this song of David. He wrote it after he realized that his secret sin, the murder of Bathsheba’s husband was a secret that was far too big to hide. It starts out as a sad song of confession of his secret, horrible sin. His adultery, once a fun seduction, was ugly and shameful to his soul. The memory of the murder of the man he tried to manipulate but latter murdered would not leave him alone. His sin was always before him. It is that way for you too. The reason I know this is because that is how it is for me.

What can be done? Confession of sin is telling the Almighty what you have done. He already knows what you have done, he is the one who puts it “always before” you. Why does he do that? Because it has come between you and Him. Your sin is what keeps you from being close to Him. But joy of all joy, the Almighty knows what to do with your sin in order to restore the “joy of Y’shua (Salvation)” How does he do it? Honestly, I do not know. I know that my sin, David’s sin, Rahab’s sin and your sin went to the cross with Y’shua-Jesus. I know that his death paid the blood price of our sin. Even so, I confess that I do not know how this “works”… but it does work.

For YHVH is righteous, He loves righteousness; His countenance beholds the upright. Psalm 11:7

The Almighty loves those of us who have put our trust in him. Verses like Psalm 11:6 are for those who refuse to trust the Almighty and his only Son, Y’shua-Jesus. Y’shua paid for all of our sin, the Almighty accepted that payment on our behalf. Truly it is best if we do not sin, but that will not happen. Just remember that when you do sin, hiding it is misery. Agreeing with the Almighty about what you have done (because confession is agreeing with Him who already knows) is how our relationship is restored. Our heart and our pride will tell us that what we did doesn’t matter. Pride speaks louder than the devil. But pride lies to us. The proof is that our sin is “ever before us” until we confess it.
Why wait?
Mrs. Hagerty, November 17, 2015

December 7, 2015 (2)

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