Morning Devotions: 2 Peter chapter 1

To my internet readers, remember that the Bible is more powerful then anything that I write. Bless yourself, bless me. Get your Bible and prayerfully read today’s passage, 2 Peter 1 before you read my devotion. MsH

having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. 2 Peter 1:4b

We who have a “faith of the same kind” as Peter, with Power that comes from the Almighty through the indwelling Spirit; live in this world but are not subject to the lust of the world. Our focus is on the Almighty, not the things we could have, the comfort of stuff or the deadly power of boasting about having the best of everything (1 John 2:16) When we were slaves of darkness, we were kept under control by lust. The devil teases our eyes with what we could have if the Almighty really loved us (remember Chava-Eve? Genesis 3:1). The devil tempts our flesh with the comfort and goodness that we could have if YHVH did not withhold things from us (remember the complaints about manna from YHVH in the Wilderness? Numbers 11:6). We can fall to the idea that our value comes from our “stuff” and the boastful pride of life (we do love having the latest and best instead of being content and thankful)

But we have been set free from slavery to the world. This does not mean that the slave master, the devil, will not try to control us with all the old tricks that used to always work on us (lust). We are no longer captive to sin and the devil, we are free! But how do we escape what once controlled us? By the Word of the Almighty.

  • Be quick (Peter’s word for diligence in Greek means speed),
  • be chayil (the Hebrew word for moral excellence—a virtuous warrior)
  •  gain knowledge The Hebrew pictograph for knowledge is “a door (dalet) to see what comes (ayinhey)” Knowledge starts with Y’shua-Jesus (the author, Hebrews 12) and he completes it (Hebrews 12).
  • Self-control starts with keeping your eyes on Y’shua-Jesus,
  • perseverance is the idea of not giving up (running with patience the race set before us (Hebrews 12)
  • Being Godly (living the life described in Scripture),
  • being kind to your fellow believers (who are still learning what you may already know, who also stumble just like you do), and
  • loving the way the Almighty loves you, a love that does not expect anything in return but keeps looking to Jesus.

Be diligent to know Him, this is how we run the race that has eternal life at the finish line.
Mrs. Hagerty, October 30, 2015

Every year the Almighty surprises me with something. One of this season's surprises was bright red snapdragons... I did not plant any snapdragons. I feel so loved!

Every year the Almighty surprises me with something. One of this season’s surprises was bright red snapdragons… I did not plant any snapdragons. I feel so loved!


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