Morning Devotions: Proverbs 3:1-15

My son, do not reject the discipline of the LORD.

What David learned about the love of the Almighty toward sinners (Psalm 6), he taught to his son Solomon, who is now teaching his own son. Of first importance, keep the Torah (the word translated “law” (kj) or “teaching”) in your heart. The Hebrew pictograph for heart is “shepherd’s house” Solomon has added a Hebrew letter to the end of the word “heart” which adds the meaning of being “face to face with the Almighty.” God has clearly explained how we are to live as we walk The Way in His Torah, the Law. He is kind (verse 3, where the word for kind is also translated “grace”) as we are expected to be kind. We are to walk in truth. Jesus said that He is Truth (John 14:6)

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. nasu

Of first importance is to put your trust in the LORD, not on what you have always understood about how to live. We are living His Way now, not our own way, so look to Him for knowledge on how to live (acknowledge).

Yesterday, in Hebrews 12 we learned that “…whom the LORD loves he disciplines…” Why does he do that? Proverbs 3 teaches us that the discipline involves “reproof.”  Our English word “reproof” means to criticize, or to say a word of rebuke to someone. Even though it is close to reproof, it does not have quite the same attitude. In Hebrew the word used is to correct and show The Way of Righteousness. It isn’t criticism so much as it is an encouragement or even conviction, to repent from evil, from going your own way (leaning on your own understanding).

“Blessed” is “to have the favor of God.” The person who looks to the Almighty for how to live instead of how they understand something is “blessed.” Solomon, who was crazy-rich in this world, says that acknowledgement of YHVH (the LORD), finding wisdom and seeing life from God’s perspective is better than all the wealth in the world. But even more interesting to me is that Wisdom is more precious than jewels! Why is that?

French Parsley, also known Chervil, is not much like Italian or curly parsley. It has a light licorice flavor. This is from seed we saved ourselves. So are the red spinach in the same barrel at the Toy Box Sub-Urban Farm.

French Parsley, also known Chervil, is not much like Italian or curly parsley. It has a light licorice flavor. This is from seed we saved ourselves. So are the red spinach in the same barrel at the Toy Box Sub-Urban Farm.

The word for Jewels is not the word for precious stones and minerals, but means pearls. Pearls! Why are pearls considered more than precious stones? A pearl is not natural. It has to be searched for in the ocean, an environment that does not support the life of people. Pearls are born from pain, they are “beauty from ashes” (Isaiah 61:3). The lowly oyster will be in great pain from something as tiny as a speck of ash.  In an attempt to stop the pain, the oyster will secrete a substance to coat the ash and make the pain tolerable.  Layer upon layer of secretion will be added to stop the pain. That is how we get pearls. They come because of pain, they become beautiful with time, they must be searched for in an environment that we were not created for, in a creature that we do not find at all beautiful on the outside (look at Isaiah 53:2).

Sin seems like it should be fun, but, for the believer, the result is always pain. In the hidden part of us, the heart, we go to God who bathes us in his Word just as the oyster bathes the ash in the substance that makes a pearl. The pain of the sin never really disappears, even though God does not reject us for it (just as the oyster does not rid itself of the ash). He sets us on a path of repentance and makes something beautiful from the pain of our sin. If we resist, he is kind and patient. Trust in Him with all your heart, don’t try and figure out how to hide the pain, it is already hidden in Jesus. Acknowledge the Almighty…. He still makes beauty for ashes! Not to make something beautiful in us, that has already been accomplished at the cross, but that He would be glorified!

Mrs. Hagerty, October 15, 2015


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