Meet the new nuggets!

Gypsy-Julia, Honey-Hannah and Misty-Meghan

Gypsy-Julia, Honey-Hannah and Misty-Meghan

The mother of one of my students asked if we wanted chicks. “YES!” (and thank you for thinking of us)

The best part was listening to her kindergarten son introduce them all to me. These are the friendliest chicks, thanks Dillon for raising such sweet girls for me. He assures me that they will like riding on my shoulder when I take them outside. They already will climb on my hand like a parrot when I press against their tummy. So far they do not run from me, that is REALLY nice.

We are going to need better weather and soon. While writing this I had to go rescue Meghan. She has already figured out how to get out of the box. The kitty-kover (and sometime chick-tractor) is more chick friendly (and safer) then the cardboard box.

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