It is still April in Everett

Spinach, kale and micro-greens bento

Spinach, kale and micro-greens bento

Warm days, no sweater needed (inside at least) may have seduced me into believing that early summer has come to Everett, Washington. Outside there was a gentle, north wind. Chilled me to the bone! If I had not needed a handful of parsley and a pinch of oregano I would have stayed inside. Burrr!

Later that Shabbot evening, Ray and I settled in to watch Chris Travels take us places we cannot afford. That was when we first heard the pelting of hail. Uh-oh! There was nothing we could do but wait it out. Our early food would either survive or not, it was out of our control.

At first light, everything looks good from the kitchen window. I’ve only planted the hardiest of of greens and peas. Hallelujah!

Now I’m worried about the pepper sprouts in the unheated green house.

Chickadee in a Pear Tree

Chickadee in a Pear Tree

I wonder where the birds go when the weather gets mean?

Everett, Washington; April 25, 2015 (Happy Birthday Jackie!) 56/39 but the wind has swirled around to the south-east instead of coming from the north. Twenty percent chance of something wet coming down, though the morning is honey-colored with sunshine…. which has been up since 6:01, and will not set until 8:13 for 14 hours and 12 minutes of daylight. Shabbot Shalom!

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