First Day of Spring

March 21, 2015 1st day of Spring (8)

Pear Blossoms, March 21, 2015

Every year I promise myself that I will not bore you with plant baby pictures, and every year I get all excited and take baby pictures. I cannot even say I’m sorry about that.

Radishes, scallions, spinach and greens in the greenhouse

Radishes, scallions, spinach and greens in the greenhouse

About a month ago I planted a little box in the green house. Slow growth and slugs. Even so, it looks like I’ll have a few radishes! The scallions are about ready for their first haircut and a couple of baby lettuces have survived hungry slugs. I’m so excited! I can even see a tiny bunch of spinach that needs to be picked.

Hello Fava Beans

Hello Fava Beans

The same week that I started the radishes in the greenhouse, I also planted a few fava beans along the back fence. Hello baby fava beans! Grow babies, grow! I’ve sort of forgotten what our actual “soil” looks like until now. We are hoping to score more green chips to scatter on top of this soil. Everything we hear in western Washington state sounds like we will have a bad drought this season. Mulch of any kind may be a must. We are very excited about the Back to Eden gardens we tested last year. So excited that we (ok, “we” means Ray, I took pictures) moved some of our Square Foot Gardens to make room for a larger BTE area.

Comfree and Raspberries

Comfrey and Raspberries

Did I call it or what? Comfrey is making a comeback in the new raspberry bed. Never mind, the nuggets and I use lots of this healing herb.

The little Raspberry canes have a few blossoms and I am going to let them be.  Originally there was an early and a late red as well as a yellow that came ripe in autumn. I am hoping to at least see what I still have after all those years in a pot.

Farmer Ray

Farmer Ray

Did I mention that it is the first day of Spring? We have been eating fresh kale and kale buds along with Toy Box eggs, herbs, parsley, dry apples, frozen blueberries and who knows what else. But we sure look forward to that first sweet salad of late spring. Peas are up, others are waiting to be planted. Tomatoes and peppers also need to be planted. The early kales and broccoli need to go out under the cold-frame because they are starting to out grow their soil blocks. I love these kinds of To-Do lists. Today in Everett, March 21, 2015 the wind is excited and is bringing just enough rain to keep everything fresh. At 52/41 the underground is predicting that today will be much cooler then yesterday. I don’t care, I have spent the last week in front of a computer getting students and their report cards ready for the end of the third quarter. Sun rise was at 7:10. We are all the way up to 12 hours and 12 minutes of day light in Everett, Washington. Sunset at 7:22




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2 responses to “First Day of Spring

  1. I love baby plant pictures! I live just south of Salem and though I have not started any seeds yet I am getting anxious to. And I have been watching the Back to Eden on youtube and plan on getting wood chips. We moved into a new construction home in the middle of a former farm. The builder took out the farm soil and moved in a grey clay soil that looks to have lint in it and smelled of sewage. This May will be 8 years and I have worked hard to make this soil something that something would grow in. Wish I had heard about Back to Eden years ago!!

    • I agree with you Desiree. We wish we knew about this years ago. Our soil was nasty too. Our home was built on land owned by a big sand and gravel company. They sold it to a developer when they were through with it.
      Debs… who loves the Salem area and is anxious with you about seeds.

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