The Simple Things; New grow box in greenhouse

March 7, 2015 New grow box in the greenhouse

March 7, 2015 New grow box in the greenhouse

I still need to do a lot of work in the greenhouse…. that makes me happy! Farmer Ray has been working hard to get our urban farm going all last week. When we first moved to Everett the soil was impossible, difficult to sink a shovel into, weedy, in general it was as alive as a bag of compressed peat. Last year (2014) we watched the movie, Back to Eden, and began hauling green chips home.

One year later the soil is alive, soft and full of life, growing beautiful lush stands of food. For the last five years we have been dependent on Square Foot Gardening, we loved it. But our farm was a hobby, not our life. In this economy we have become urban subsistence farmers and need to coax as much from our tiny farm as possible. Ray has been busy rearranging SFG boxes to open up one area to traditional in ground growing while moving other boxes closer together. That was a huge job.

After he was through we had an extra box so he cut it down and put it into the greenhouse. I planted it that night! I’m so happy! Thanks Ray.

Ray's first cake! Yum

Ray’s first cake! Yum

Ray is a much better cake maker then I am photographer. It looks beautiful. Sabbath, March 7, 2015 is a beautiful day! The sky is bright, birds are singing everywhere. 56/34 Sunrise at 6:38 (then back to dark mornings tomorrow), sunset at 6:02 for 11 hours and 36 minutes of delightful day light. grow-grow-grow!

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