The Way: Genesis 32:1-2

What does it mean to “walk” in The Way? I like to use pictures of people walking on paths but does that really give an honest image of what takes place? Life with Y’shua is a spirit guided journey in this world toward the Kingdom of the Almighty.

Olympic National Park in Washington.

Olympic National Park in Washington.

The Hebrew word that is usually translated “walk” is HALAK. It is not simply putting one foot in front of the other. God told Abraham to HALAK before Him and be blameless or perfect. The Almighty expected Abraham to live (walk) his life in a manner pleasing to God.

In this “Way-Point” Ya’cob (Jacob) has just parted company with his father-in-law. He is coming home. The passage reads as if he is just tripping along on his merry way. It is not that simplistic in Hebrew.

Jacob went on his way and the angels of God met him;  and when Jacob saw them he said, “This is God’s army!” So he called the name of that place Mahana’im.  Genesis 32:1-2 RSV

Ya’cob “HALAK” not on “his way” but on THE WAY. The Hebrew letter LAMED is the prefix to The Way (DEREK) giving a mental picture of the Shepherd guiding him on the journey. Like his Grandfather Abraham (Genesis 17:1), Ya’cob is “walking before God.” This is the setting to meeting the angels.

Wide awake this time, Ya’cob sees the Almighty’s army camped where he is camped. He was dreaming in his last vision (Genesis 28: 10-22). He names the place MAHANA’IM meaning “Two Camps.” His people and the Almighty’s Army camping in the same place. A glimpse of the reality of YHVH’s ever-present protective hedge on those who HALAK on The Way of Righteousness.

Thank you to Biblical Word Studies for the fantastic help with the word HALAK

Toy Box Tarragon February 2014

Toy Box Tarragon February 2014

What happened? I was told 60 was going to be yesterday’s high temperature. Today is forecast to be a “warmer” 58. Turns out that it only got up to 53 yesterday. It is, after all, still February 12, 2015. It is supposed to be cold. 58/46 with a 10% chance of rain. Sunrise at 7:20, setting 10 hours and 6 minutes later at 5:26. The Snow Moon is in its final quarter.

Mrs. Hagerty (updated) July 23, 2016

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  1. jbutzu

    Very insightful… thanks for the redirect… John

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