It was supposed to be all gone by noon

From my office window

From my office window

The weather prophecies seemed confident that the snow would amount to no more then an inch or so and would all melt away by noon. False prophets!
At least the power stayed on. Our home is poorly equipped for power-outs. One more thing to miss about Robe Valley.
At least there was left-over turkey, pies and challah to eat. Sabbath could be spent doing the studies that I love. A nice day to stay tucked inside the house.

Snow in Eden... Back to Eden Garden.

Snow in Eden… Back to Eden Garden.

Last day of November, 2014 is starting off at 15.8 F. That is early February weather around here! Yeish!
Sunrise at 7:36 and it should be a cloudless day but this time of year that means COLD (and how!) High of 35 F low of 23 F (now I remember why Ray doesn’t want to move to Alaska) At least they are saying no more snow… just Christmas shoppers out for a thrill ride on the ice. Be careful peeps! Sunset at 4:18 (8 hours, 47 minutes of daylight)


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One response to “It was supposed to be all gone by noon

  1. raydebco

    i have been informed 203 days until summer

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