School Spirit Day Bento

What does School Spirit Day and Bento have in common?

My one and only two-tiered bento box.

My one and only two-tiered bento box.

Everything was all purple and Gold at school today so I used purple and yellow silicone cupcakes to hold some of my bento foods. The true theme of the day was Taco Thursday!

Ray made the most fantastic Tacos for dinner last night, so this morning (Thursday, November 14, 2014) I made a taco bento.

Bottom tier for taco fixens, top tier for yogurt, celery and fruit.

Bottom tier for taco fixens, top tier for yogurt, celery and fruit.

I was really looking forward to lunch today… and isn’t that the way it should be. I splurged on the yogurt, adding purple and yellow cupcake sugar to keep with the Spirit Day theme (my socks were purple too). I tried to cut my strawberries into the rose bud shapes I saw on someone’s facebook page. They just looked mashed when I opened my box. The bottom tier held a cupcake of bean mix that I removed to heat up in the microwave. Last year I went a whole year without using the dreaded microwave BUT it was freezing cold out today. If I want something heated I pack it in the silicone cupcake, microwave it for 40 seconds + 10 more seconds with the tortillas set on top of the bean mix. Then I set the beans back into the bento box so that everything fits neatly into my lap.

Lunch in my lap!

  • Protein: Taco Beans,
  • Starch: tortilla (cut with a big cookie cutter into 3 minis)
  • Red=Strawberries and tomatoes,
  • Green=broccoli and celery,
  • Yellows=dry ginger & almonds,
  • White=cucumbers,
  • Black=grapes and blueberries

Plain yoghurt with bananas and blueberries for dessert, blackberry infused water for yummy hydration rounded out my lunch.” Extra cheese was a gift from a student who was also having Taco Thursday. Thanks Nic! An earlier snack was sliced turkey and orange slices.


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