Progress 3-15-14

Oroma Paste Tomato from season 4 at the Toy Box

Oroma Paste Tomato from season 4 at the Toy Box

I don’t think my heat mat is working at 100% capacity. It seems like the tomatoes are slow to sprout. I feel anxious for spring to hurry up in the last days of winter. Suddenly the first pale green sprout stands upright. It was our old faithful, Black Plum Paste. Ray, who actually had his glasses on, pointed out five or six others that had sprouted. There were representatives from the rows of Siltz, Striped Roma, Black Prince and Super Lakota. This morning, when I walked the tray out to the green house, there were sprouts from nearly every tomato seed I pressed into the soil. Whoo-hoo to the Creator! In the green house, the broccoli and cauliflower I up-potted look so much better after a night and a day to recover. One butter head lettuce (also up-potted) got eaten, but the theiven slug that did the deed was napping on the side of the pot. I took it to the chickens and let them decide sluggies fate. It feels good to be in the green house when everything is starting to grow strong and green.

March 15, 2014

March 15, 2014

Meanwhile, Ray made significant progress in the Back to Eden project. It looks beautiful. There is still a ton of work to do and a quarter ton of wood chips to take care of  but we (that would be he) are getting there.  The grassy area in the picture is the slope that we do not want to mow any more. Every bit of sandy soil we dig up from the front fruit garden gets dumped back here to terrace the Raspberries. It is funny how it seems like so much more when you dig it up. We still have four or five medium-large pots of blueberries to move to that garden. A little more soil will be gleaned that way. If you are in the Everett area and know of clean fill we can have, please leave me a note.

First Daffodils of Season 5

First Daffodils of Season 5

Hello Gorgeous! Waves of blue sky are followed by a wash of gray. Tonight the Worm Moon will be full, but we will not get to see the glory of it. The cloud cover keeps the night time low from dipping too far down in these last days of winter but it also prevents any star-gazing. The Underground is saying that there is only a 20% chance of rain. I feel a soft mist caressing my face and hair. 54/47 (that is warmer than it will get for the rest of the week). I will be running the tomatoes in at sunset, which by the way, will be at 7:14 PM, just 11 hours and 53 minutes after the 7:21 sunrise.


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