The first trees into the BTE Garden

March 11, 2014; The first fruit trees planted in the Back to Eden garden.

March 11, 2014; The first fruit trees planted in the Back to Eden garden.

The clouds of the PNW (Pacific North West) seem undecided on what the weather will be. Cold and thick with moisture or light and ready to roll back revealing  stunning blue sky.

All day at school the rain was a constant. Every glance out the window, every dash between buildings, there was rain. But after school the clouds rolled back and blue sky made the remainder of the day feel spring like. Ray and I dashed our old bones out the door to plant our three potted fruit trees in the new Back to Eden garden. Opportunity’s like this must be taken advantage of when they come. They disappear as quickly as they come. The work was pleasant, digging holes, working in compost, setting the trees, more compost, a bit of the sand and a blanket of chips. They are pretty to look at. I would not be unhappy if this is as far a we go but there are still blueberries ready to go in if our backs stay strong.

The piles of sandy soil that Ray removed from the holes for the trees was carted to the back garden to begin the terracing of a slope on the edge of the yard for the raspberry canes that have been confined too long in a pot. Everett is an expensive place to live, we never thought we would stay, yet here we are. We have lived with an exit plane for as long as we have been here. Fruit trees, bushes and canes have been kept in big pots, ready to move back to the country, to the mountains we love, for as long as we have been here. But we have been here coming on five years now. It is time to let their roots grow into the soil. We continue to live by faith. Ready to go if we can but living as if we will stay, we have decided to stop living as if nothing is sure. God has been so good to us. I have no reason to doubt his goodness in the days to come. So we plant. There is always blue beyond the cover of clouds.

Acts 2:17

Acts 2:17

March 12, 2014: After moving all those chips into the “food forest” (That phrase cracks me up when I see the size of my strip-mall forest) we have hardly made a dent in that pile of wood chips. This is going to be more work then I anticipated. I miss the days of “all sons and nephews  on deck when there is work to do. I really miss the cheep labor. Shovel full by wheelbarrow full, we’ll get-er-done.

High pressure pushes even maritime clouds away. Everett gets another sunny day. Underground is saying 58/40 with clear skies. Get your vitamin D while you can….. there are wood chips to move! Sun up at 7:27, eleven brilliant hours and 43 minutes later the sun sets at 7:10.


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