Tomato Tasting 2013; “Stupice”

The first tomato tasting of 2013, Stupice. One tomato, Gold Nugget, ripened before Stupice (June 15) but Stupice, which is in the Toy Box for the first time this year, was the first red tomato to vine ripen (June 30). I think that every other Pacific North West (PNW) gardener already knows Stupice, but I have been stubbornly sticking to her sister, Siltz, which has been one of my favorites for years. This year (2013) has been an exceptional year for PNW tomatoes. In a normal year I do not expect to see my first Gold Nugget until the last week of July. Next year (we NEVER get two awesome years in a row) will be a better test of when it will “normally” come ripe in the PNW.

Stupice Tomato in the Garden

Stupice Tomato in the Garden

Catalogue Description

60-65 days. This cold-tolerant tomato ripens sweet, red, slightly oval, 2 inch fruit that make an excellent choice for first-of-the-summer salads, lunch boxes, and juicing. Stupice consistently gets high marks for taste throughout the summer. Pumps out fruit over the entire season. Bred in the former Czechoslovakia. Indeterminate potato leaf variety.

Normal size

Normal size

Score Card

Eye Appeal:

  • First Glance: Poor little Stupice does not look like much. The Apricot I was snacking on was larger than the tomato I was scoring.
  • Size: Bigger then a cherry tomato but too small to call a slicer. Stupice is often described as “golf ball size” but since I do not golf, I have to say that they are about the size of the apricot I was snacking on.
  • Shape: Globe
  • Color: Deep orange-red to bright red. Slightly green shoulders.
  • Inside: Surprisingly meaty for such a small tomato.
The inside scoop

The inside scoop


  • Texture: Silky; the skin looked tough but seemed to be tender in my mouth.
  • Fresh off the vine: Stupice is just slightly on the acid side, but just slightly. I might call the flavor, “bright.”
  • Sliced and salted: Salt brings out just a hint of classic tomato flavor, slightly sweeter then the unsalted taste.
About the size of an apricot.

About the size of an apricot.

Cooking thoughts: Already this year (2013) I have been chopping (quartering really, it is very small) Stupice and adding them to guacamole with Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes. Stupice is not too “wet” for guacamole, even though I did not scoop out the gel (a tedious job due to the small size). The bright flavor leads me to think that I can toss ripe Stupice tomatoes into zipper bags to freeze whole and add frozen to sauce and soup in winter. Gold Nugget and Stupice are abundant this year. I think they will be good raw with cold angel hair pasta, fresh mozzarella, basil and an olive oil-balsamic dressing.

Will Deb grow this one again? Yes, I need to find out how Stupice performs in a “normal” PNW summer.



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2 responses to “Tomato Tasting 2013; “Stupice”

  1. Great review, Deb, you should do more of these. Check out Laura’s blog at She is PNWet and grows a few Stupice every year because they are reliable in PNW.

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