Tall Clover Farm Pumpkin Soup.

The original post on Tom’s page is well worth your time, go have a look then come on back.

Warm Up to Roasted Pumpkin Soup

First things, roast the fruit, veggies and herbs in good olive oil.

Pumpkin is such a pretty vegetable. For all the times I have cooked pumpkin, I have never roasted on. Always they were steamed for pie or some other sweet. The moment I laid eyes on Tom’s roast pumpkin soup, I knew I would try it. Of corse pumpkin would be a perfect candidate for roasting. The apples, onion and herbs looked perfect with pumpkin.

Remove the skin from the pumpkin and apples.

Once the roast vegetables have cooled, use your hands or a spoon (and probably your hand) to release the pulp from the skin of the pumpkin and apples. Discard the herbs but add the thick juice on the bottom of the roasting pan with the roast onion to the soup pot. I was just a little worried that the stringy pumpkin flesh would make a unpleasant soup. However, after the finished soup is puree with a stick blender (or whatever you call the handy tool that my guys refer to as a boat motor) it is perfectly smooth. I saw no need to sieve the puree or run it through my food mill.

Reheating Turkey Stock

Tom suggested vegetable or chicken broth. I happened to have Turkey stock so that is what I used.  Turkey stock is probably a stronger broth then I would usually use but hey, fresh beats boxed or canned any day of the week. It is certainly better than a powered “base” mixed with water.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with bits of left over chicken

I am enjoying my second bowl as I tap out this post. If I was not so full I would have a third. I wish I had made cornbread to go with this. I should have run out to snip parsley and celery to sprinkle on the soup but it was dark and I had not picked up after the dogs yet.

One addition I was happy I added was a teaspoon of coconut oil. Tom used coconut milk in his soup. I did not have any so I used about a half a cup of half and half with a little more than half a cup of skim milk. It seemed just a little bland so I dropped in the dollop of coconut oil. Perfect.

Thanks Tom!



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2 responses to “Tall Clover Farm Pumpkin Soup.

  1. Thanks for the kind words and kudos, this post warms my heart just like a cup of your tasty soup!

  2. Thanks Tom, but my bigger thanks is for the soup…. and soon the pie. That was a whole lot of pumpkin in that roasting pan.

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