Whats for supper momma?

Pumpkins, squash and what was left of the corn.

We had a bit of free time in nice weather to harvest the pumpkin and the squash. We also picked what is probably the last of the tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes were on tonight’s menu.

Isn’t it a beauty.

I bragged that it was a giant. Maybe I stretched that a little, but it is a good size even for the toy box. I grew this same pumpkin last year. Then it was about half the size of this one but colored the same way. It will become brighter orange as the month rolls on.

What the farmers in the toy box do for lunch.

One hundred percent chance of rain. It has been a long time since I’ve heard that. The rain sounds nice on the roof and the window. 61/50 The day is not very long. Ten hours and 43 minutes. We are running out of daylight. Need some easy winter reading? click on over to Rainsong for a study on Mark.


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