Mid September

Black Garbanzo beans ready to finish.

Spent Sabbath in the garden. Putzing about. I feel so refreshed and ready to face another week of Junior High (and my beloved home-schoolers). What is it about dirt in my finger nails that is so relaxing? We ate a simple meal of boiled red potatoes, beans (Ray wanted his raw, I dropped mine in with the potatoes for a couple of minutes), sliced cucumber and tomatoes. All of them were growing in the garden 10 minutes earlier. Turkey and that earthy Trader Joe’s french bread finished the meal. There might have been a glass of wine at some point. It could have been the latest Merlot from Red Rock.

Todays Harvest

Some things cannot be rushed. Farm life is all about patience with just the right amount of hurry. I have been waiting all year for my cipolini onions (some call them donut onions) to be ready to harvest. September 14th was finally the day. Now I wait again as they cure in the crisp fall air. Hopefully it won’t be in a heap on the porch.

All week we have been pulling ears of corn and skipping dessert. Fresh sweet corn IS a food group that covers dinner and dessert. We could not wait any longer. The bulk of the harvest had to be put into the freezer before it wandered past its prime. I wish I could grow ten times as much sweet corn as I have room for. I keep eyeing my HOA contract while looking at all that open space in my front yard. Someday desire will be stronger than the contract.

After the Harvest…..

The corn stalks are bundled and standing behind the green house for fall decorations. The two flint corn need to dry on the stalks. Both are heirlooms. Painted Mountain is a multi color corn from Uprising Seed and Hooker’s from a homestead in Olympia Washington.
Thank you for praying for Maxwell. He is home from the hospital. Is this what an Indian summer feels like? Deep blue sky, 72/52. Sunrise comes late (and Standard Time is still a few days away) at 6:48 AM, setting 13 hours and 29 minutes later at 7:17 PM. The fire that is raging in the Cascades makes a pretty sunrise. Still I hate that fire….Liberty, Washington has been evacuated!

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One response to “Mid September

  1. Wow, growing black garbanzo beans? Now that is impressive, as I’ve found them a bit temperamental for me, but again, I fear it is my lack of proper irrigation that has done them in. Love your tomato posts, so scientific and detailed. I’m going through them now to see what I’m missing.
    cheers, Tom

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