Rosemary Watermelon Water

Rosemary Watermelon Water

One day it hits you. All those sexy vitamin waters and sports drinks are really just repackaged kool-aid in containers that will never be recycled. Just the colors alone frighten me. Where did that blue come from? Why does the white one glow in the dark? Is that really what you want to spend money on? I have been drinking spa waters this summer. This one is watermelon with a spring of rosemary. They steep for at least 4 hours before being served. No sugar added. Just organic fruit, herbs and purified water from the tap. Have you made any of these yet?

To serve I fill an iced tea glass with ice and pour the water through a strainer. If the fruit has been steeping less than 12 hours I sometimes add one or two for a garnish. If the fruit is older than a day or so your chickens will still love it.

Spa Waters


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  1. Watermelon has a lot of good nutritional value, so I like to blend the watermelon into the drink to enjoy all of the taste and all of the nutritional value.

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