First Ripe Apples!

The very first apples of 2012 from The Toy Box. WooT

So much happens in July! Too late for Independence Day, too early for Christopher’s birthday, the branch of Yellow Transparent Apples had to be used TODAY. There were only seven of them, and one of those was golf ball size. Never mind, I had a puff pastry that needed to be used as a crust, it was the perfect size. The apples were peeled, sliced and fried in a bit of butter and Apple Jack, simmered in Cointreau and raisins to flavor and finish. Spread out on the puff pastry and baked at 400 degrees F. While the pastry was cooling I brushed it a couple of times with a syrup that was made with the peels and lavender sprigs. So Good!

New rail for the corn bed.

This morning Ray made a rail to go around the corn. We do not have a big wind problem but we have waited 20 years for a home-grown ear of corn. We would hate to lose it to a big gust of wind.

Marion Berries

In the Toy Box I have been picking a few blueberries every day and putting them in the freezer. A slow process but the bag of frozen blue berries is getting full. Today I picked my first basket of Marion Berries. While walking the dogs tonight I came across a very small patch of the tiny PNW blackberries with the first ripe fruit glowing in the sunset. I need to get over the hill and check my personal stash.

Tiny, wild PNW blackberries.

 Good Shabbat to you! The Thunder Moon (Av) is about to enter its 2nd qtr. Though there was no rain, it was overcast and muggy. 68/55 Sunrise at 5:39, 15 hours and 11 minutes later the sun set at 8:50


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