First Green Bean of 2012

First Green Bean of 2012: Provider from Uprising Seeds

The Garden seems to be in a transition. Not many peas are left, salad greens are bolting, and the mustards are long gone. The first tomato has arrived (See, Tomato Taste Test 2012), but it is too cold for the tomatoes that have colored out to have flavor.

I was just out looking for ingredients to add to Sumgullian (I have no idea how to spell or even pronounce that dish). Ray’s mom used to make it with cubed bologna, potatoes and whatever else was in the pantry as far as I can tell. Ray always makes it a couple of times in winter and at deer or elk camp with the boys. I don’t like hot bologna. Just the smell of it makes me gage. The boys always thought dad was secretly feeding them junk food that mom would not approve of BUT I actually kind of like it if it is made with smoked sausage, fresh veggies and if the potatoes are fried until they are golden.

Gold Nugget Cherry Tomatoes, still coloring out, still too cold to have flavor.

I found plenty of snap peas, broccoli side shoots, parsley, kale (Italian, Russian and Chinese). All of these will be good in tonight’s dish. But the prize was the lone green bean. I like it, I love it, I want more of it!


61/52….how is that for a high and low today? The weather is coming out of the south, usually that warms things up but not this time. Overcast with 50% chance of rain. All together gloomy.

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