Tomato Tasting 2012 “Gold Nugget”

First Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato

Here we go …the first tomato tasting of 2012! I sure hope it isn’t the ONLY tomato that comes ripe in the Toy Box this year. This is my third year growing Gold Nugget, but only the first time I have written a taste test score card. Everyone’s a winner in Everett.

Earlier this year I was led to believe that the naughty El Nina had let loose her hold on the PNW. April and May were beautiful! Not so for June. The rains returned in June, and daily there was some kind of cold wet chill in the air.

Sliced “Gold Nugget” in a truffle paper

The catalogue description:

(OP) 60 days. Always among the first to ripen. Gold Nugget attains an unusually rich, sweet flavor when mature. Vigorous and determinant plants are loaded with 3/4 inch, round golden fruit from early in the season ’til frost. Bred by Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University. F1, V

Score Card

Eye Appeal

At a glance: Gold Nugget is a dolly of a little gold marble. It is like picking gum-balls from the gum-ball tree.

Size: Two tenths of an ounce (it’s a cherry tomato, it is supposed to be small)

Shape: Marble like

Color: Golden yellow

Inside: Very little flesh, full of gel holding tiny seeds.


Texture: Tender, both the skin and the little bit of flesh melt in your mouth.

Fresh off the vine: (acid or sweet, gel) The very first fruit of the year is never the same as the 10th or the 100th. This very first tomato, coming from a cold June is just slightly more acid than sweet. As the season goes on (this is my 3rd year) the sweet tones will dominate. Like everything else on the rainy side of the state, this little tomato could use more sunshine.

Sliced and Salted: I have to admit…. 1. I do not usually like salt on tomatoes…. and 2 with just a touch of salt Gold Nugget was far sweeter than it was without.

Cooking thoughts: Cherry tomatoes are more for snacks than the sauce pot BUT lately I have been enjoying fresh vegetables, including cherry tomatoes, cooked gently and quickly in hot pasta. I suspect that there will be many nights of Pasta Primavera with Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes this year.

Will Deb grow this one again?

Sure. This is my third year growing Gold Nugget. Everyone tells me to try Sun Gold, and I will. In fact I thought I was buying Sun Gold and somehow ended up with Gold Nugget. But for 2012, Gold Nugget is a gem that I recommend.

Happy in a pot on the deck


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