Summer comes to Everett! 7/4


Today is the first day in nearly a month that has not been defined by the amount of rain we have to deal with in the PNW! I picked my very first bowl of Rainer Strawberries, happily squinting in the sun. There were precious few. The chamomile blossoms were abundant. I wish I could share the beautiful scent of these two together. Turns out that there was just enough for breakfast. What more does a girl need?

Yellow Transparent Apples

I wonder if I remember correctly? I chose Yellow Transparent because of the Fourth of July pies made from fruit plucked from my grandma’s tree. Maybe it was later than July 4 that we had summer pie? These are a long way from ready. Maybe for Christopher’s birthday in early August (Maybe for Ray’s in late August)?

Mastro Shelly Peas

Unlike the strawberries and apples, it looks like there will be enough fresh peas for our 4th of July dinner….if I can keep my pea loving dog, Rudy, from helping himself. (see the video)

From June 19. I guess there has been some progress.

Cinderella Pumpkin seeing its first day of sunshine.

I cannot remember a day of sunshine since I planted these pumpkins. You can see how much they have grown since the video. I am not sure I will get pumpkins but it is only early July so I have not given up hope yet.

Gone Fishing

4th of July in the PNW, It is supposed to be clear today but I’m being told that the temp will only get up to 66*F (low of 50). The Strawberry moon is full. Pleasant day, pretty night (and it is not because of that moon). Sunrise at 5:16, sunset at 9:10……Happy Independence Day!


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