Tomato Tuesday: June 26, 2012

Gold Nugget (cherry): OP D 60 days

April and May felt like we could have a real summer. The laundry went outside to dry. Ray shut off the power to the heater as we flung open windows. El Nina had lost her two-year grip on the Pacific Northwest…. or so it seemed. This June there have been precious few days above room temperature. Unlike the rest of the country, it has been colder outside than inside in this cold, wet June.

Legend: OP, D, 68 days (in the rest of the country). The 2nd tomato to set fruit in my garden.

Night time temperatures have not been too bad. The slug population has been fairly low (so far). We just are not getting any heat.

Ranger Plum: (F1) D 85-90 days. The first plant to make green fruit

I am starting to wish that we sacrificed the garlic and Fava Beans to put up the green house. All of my determinant tomatoes are in pots and while they are still young they are fairly easy to move… in from “inside” to open air.

Siltz (the yellow leaf could be from almost any tomato in my cold, wet garden) OP D 70-75 days.

Leaves that look like the yellow leaves on this Siltz used to frighten my. I am concerned but not in a panic. Everything greens up when summer heats up. Even so, I suspect there will be issues with blossom end rot (BER) on the first fruit. The problem is easily solved with calcium. I just happen to be out of calcium.

Gone Fishen

If I am going to get wet I might just as well be catching fish. Current conditions: 52*F steady rain. Low pressure system will keep us wet today (the peas like it). The strawberry moon is a waxing crescent. 16 hours, 1 minute of daylight (rise; 5:11 AM, set; 9:12 PM) 59/52; 70% chance of rain.


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