Tomato Tuesday (March 27)

Up potted tomatoes

It was time. All those soil blocks of tomatoes had to be potted up. It was nice to be able to set up in the garage with all the wild weather. March IS NOT going out like a lamb.

From soil blocks to 4-pots

I need more 4-inch pots. I save 4-inch nursery pots because they are difficult to find. I did see a few at Sunnyside Nursery, way in the back. I hope they still have them. I was sure I could find them for a better price somewhere else but it turns out, no one else carries them. The closest I could come was 5-inch round peat pots. Crum.

Easy up-potting

Up-potting from soil cubes is fairly easy. I fill a 4-inch pot with Mel’s Mix, press a space in the mix with my fingers to drop the soil cube into.


Once the cube is in place, up-potting is just like any other up-potting. Add handfuls of Mel’s Mix to fill the pot, use your fingers to press the mix in snuggly around the cube. Label the pot and set it into the nursery tray. Give the mix a light watering to help settle the soil mix. I am still bringing the trays in at night but it has been warm enough out to let them spend the night in the green closet. I am not feeling that brave yet. The wind has been wild and I do not want to risk loosing everything to wicked gusts the way I did last year.

This time last year I had one whole nursery tray of tomatoes. That was too many. This year I have two trays of tomatoes and there are more coming from TSC. I am going to need to find homes for many of them. Are you looking for Tomato plants for 2012? If you are in the Everett area, I can make you a deal!

Since tomato Tuesday is late this week, here is a bonus for you. An article on Blue Tomatoes. Oregon State University’s answer to GMO. Old fashioned plant breeding trumps weird science.   Blue tomatoes

Purple artichokes from seed that was not supposed to be viable. Whoops.

High wind warning with heavy rains but if you can ignore the knock-you-down wind, the driving rain and the occasional thunder bolt, it is fairly warm out. If my poly cover holds up I will be doing good.   54/41 with 90% chance of rain. Sun rise at 6:52 AM; Twelve hours and forty-three minutes later the sun sets at 7:35 PM.


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