Spring Planting: Potatoes and Leeks

After days of chunky rain the sun finally came out. Ray and I made batch after batch of Mel’s Mix to fill new boxes. All that fresh soil and Territorial Seed delivered onion and leek plants to my house. I got this idea for potato barrels from my e-friend Constance of Angel Acres in Texas. The tool for leeks was just dumb-luck. My arm sort of covers the action in the video. I think you can get the idea.

Ray at my birthday lunch.

Finally! We have spring ….for a day or two. By the time church is out there could be rain that will last until the nearly the end of the week. The good news? 59/43 which is almost tropical for us in the PNW. The bad news? Depends on how you look at the news. All my new Mel’s mix needs to get wet to use. Sunrise at 7 AM, sunset at 7:29 PM for 12  hours and 29 minutes of daylight.

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