Tomato Tuesday 3-20-12

At least the tomatoes have sprouted!

The day after the last Tomato Tuesday just about all of my soil blocks have sprouts. Some have two or three sprouts. That was an accident of clumsy fingers. Looks like I have blanks for 1 Siltz (seed from 2010) and 2 Gold Nugget (seed from 2012). Everything else is looking for a place in the sun. The daily marathon of running the sprouts out to the sun as soon as the temperature reaches 48*F and back in when it falls below 48 has begun. An easy task while they are this small.

Soaking up the sun

The first day of spring feels like a fight. Winds gusting to 40 mph, 80% chance of rain. With wind like this an umbrella will become a sail. 48/36. Sunrise at 7:10 AM, sunset at 7:22 PM

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