Purple Artichoke

Winter sown Purple Artichoke

Surprise! I really was not expecting anything but dirt from this container. I am not even sure what motivated me to put seeds into this container. It really was an afterthought.

Artichoke seed is considered viable only for the first year when the seed is fresh. This seed was from 2011. I did store it in the fridge but still did not expect much from it when I set it into the cold frame last December. What a nice surprise! So far it looks like three sprouts. They get another week to ten days in the winter box before carefully up-potting to gallon size pots. I have no idea where they will live but I will find a place for them.

March 31, 2011 after the storm. Those were seedlings, including the Purple Artichokes.

I did this last year but one of these March storms blew in and knocked down the green closet they were in. Since then we have used bungee cord to keep the green closet up-right and in place.

Sitting in my garage, waiting for a place in the toy box.

The hope is that this greenhouse will be much sturdier than the closet. We are excited to start aquaponics and extend our garden a bit earlier and later in the year. We don’t think it will go up until the fava beans and shallots are harvested this summer (they have been growing in the spot we want the greenhouse since November).

The day after Tomato Tuesday, the soil blocks started popping. Yea!

Burrr! It could be La Nina, it could be extra-low barometric pressure, it could just be that it is March. Whatever it is, it has been cold and really wet. We had a spot of sun yesterday but it doesn’t look like we will see more today. 48-50/ 39 (that’s cold even for March) with an 80% chance of rain. We may be safe from wind today. Sunrise, 7:18 to sunset at 7:16 for a total of 11 hours and 58 minutes of daylight.

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