Coming along, good eats, greens planted

March 9, 2012 Purple Peacock brocoli-kale. Planted in the 2011 garden. If these buds swell evenly, they will become dinner.

Snow, bright sun, rain, gusty wind. Early March has been such a cliché. I say that with a grin. I love that I can still count on some things even if they are just old nursery rhymes. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. At least I hope that is what happens.

Good Eats

Red Russian Kale and Fava Beans that were featured in the video last November 201

I would not be able to feed myself without regular trips to the grocery but it is still possible to get some food from the garden. From the kale square I harvested greens for the nuggets and for my family. They were steamed, sautéed  with leeks (also from the garden). A small steak and yellow potatoes were sliced and mixed with the kale and leeks. It was a hit.

Swiss Chard coming back.

Funny how so much of the food that survives winter has a country name like Russian or Swiss? This square of chard seems to have been pre tasted by some tiny inspector. The hens will receive the large leaves. The smaller leaves will go into some lovely cheesy casserole. Lasagna usually but I’m open to suggestions.

Next months dinner. Greens started in January and transplanted under the rain-bonnet (poly cover) March 7. So far it looks like they will live.

I am anxious to get more food planted this summer for next winter. March and April can be hungry times. Next year it would be so nice to have enough celeriac and sprouting broccoli to start getting tired of it. Brussels sprouts and carrots would be good. Same with extra kale and chard. That is a way down the path. For now I have hope in the greens that have been pressed in the soil, the peas that are preparing to show themselves, radishes, spinach, arugula and so much more. Things are looking good. God bless the work of His hands in our gardens, Bless God for a new season!

Pussy willows along the Snohomish River near Marysville.

It is cooler today. It isn’t really a storm that is moving in on gusty winds, but it is getting gray and fixing to rain for a week or so. Today sunrise was at 6:32. On Sunday it will be up at 7:28 (don’t forget!) 45/43 with 11 hours and 32 minutes from rise to set. Put your sweater on.


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