2012 Tomatoes.

The 2012 tomato season has begun.

If ever you had doubt that I have season tickets on the crazy train, you need only look at the size of my garden, the part of the country it is in and my list of tomatoes that I am growing. Nuts! I took those soil blockers that Ray has given me for my birthday, made a flat of blocks and added tomato seed and optimism. Some are new to me, some are from seed I already have. I will tell their story as they grow and ripen. I post on the square foot garden forum. Tuesday is for posting about tomatoes. I’ll try to keep it down to Tomato Tuesdays.

2010 The quarter in the picture is a rip off of Hannah’s tomato posts. I am impressed with most of what she does in her tomato garden.

The List: (Started at the Toy Box one sunny day in late winter) March 7, 2012

From longest days listed to shortest (post will be updated when the plants from TSC arrive)

  • Ranger (F1) -D- 85-90 days, Red-Orange (first fruit, Aug. 3)
  • Persimmon -I- 80 days (2010) Yellow-Orange
  •  Chianti Rose -I- 78 days (2012) Rosy Pink
  • Siletz -D- 75 days (2010) Red
  • Momotaro hybrid -I- 70 days (2011) Pink
  • Legend -D- 68 days (2011) Red
  • Black Plum Paste -I- 65 days (2010) multi color plum
  • Gold Nugget Cherry -D- 60 days (2011) yellow (1st fruit, July 18)
  • Silvery Fir Tree -D- 58 days (2011) Red (1st fruit, August 9)
  • Beaverlodge Plum -D- 55 days (2011) Red
September 28, 2011

The Indeterminant Tomatoes in 2011

The most important lesson I learned in the cold tomato seasons of 2010 and 2011 is that even short season tomatoes need heat to ripen. It does not just happen because X number of days have passed. The exception to this rule are the parenthocarpics like Siltz. Not all parenthocarpics are created equal. Oregon Spring does not do as well for me as Siltz. I keep trying different tomatoes to find what works for me and what is a wash. Back to the issue of heat. In 2011 most short season, main crop tomatoes did not produce any better for me than the long season tomatoes. Most of my harvest was still green by mid September no mater how many days were listed on the packet.

It was by accident that I discovered that longer season tomatoes will ripen up on the side-board. Short season tomatoes tend to just rot on the side-board. For that reason (read “autumn soup and sauce) I am feeling better about long season tomato trials for 2012.  Large Roma type tomato plants have been ordered from TSC (Territorial Seed Company) and should arrive in August. The post about my long season tomatoes:

Dreaming in Shades of Tomato

If life does not get in the way, my plan is to post my tomato tastings as the different plants come ripe. I did this in 2010 but did not get around to it in 2011. So far I have not developed my own style for this. I copy Hannah of “This Garden Is Illegal”

Tomato Tasting 2010

As the tomatoes come ripe I make their name into a link and add the date of the first ripe fruit. This year (2012) I plan to post about tomatoes that are still green at the end of the season and how they do on the side-board. In 2010 when I posted my orginal Tasting I considered green fruit a wash.

In the comments section of this post I hope to include links to Tomato Tuesdays in the Toy Box.

C’mon summer (real summer)


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