Coming soon to a plate at my table.

For the most part, the seed that was started on January 26, 2012 has sprouted. A few are slow to show, like Strawberry Spinach, which I had no luck with last year. I thought all of my spinach would be a no-show but just this morning (February 1, 2012) I could see strong green arches working their way out of the soil. Besides strawberry Spinach the only seed I am still waiting on is Iceburg Lettuce. The only lettuce Jason enjoys is Iceburg. The mini iceburg, Tennisball, has sprouted. For Jason’s sake, I hope it is a true mini iceburg with the taste and crunch he loves.

Just starting to get a little bit leggy.

I do not use gro-lights or heat pads. There is always a battle to make sure the sprouts get enough light to prevent stretching out, known as “getting leggy”. Leggy plants put too much infant energy into finding enough light to feed the plant in the next stage of their life. A leggy plant becomes weak. They dry out quickly, bend over and die in the wind or just run out of steam before they can produce real leaves. My babies are skirting the edge.

Back deck baby nursery just before sunrise.

Everyday I run the tray out to the back deck for light. Every night I bring them back in to protect them from frost. I am a garden girl who really does not have much of a life so moving the tray in and out is not irritating. Sort of breaks up the day of my small world. Even on an overcast day in the Pacific North-west there is more light outside than in the brightest south-east facing window.

Almost time to plant Peas and Fava Beans

February 1, 2012; We have a full 9 hours and 32 minutes of daylight in Everett (from sunrise at 7:36 AM to Sunset at 5:08 PM). All rain all day but the pressure is fixen to change tonight, cold overnight and dry days (not to be confused with sunny, it will still be overcast) for the next 48 hours. The groundhog might see his shadow. 48/32 F.


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