The Table: We found it at Value Village. There were 4 chairs but one was broken. Chairs are easy to find.

I sold my big table last summer. We were hoping to get enough money from a garage sale to buy a new (used) car after losing the Honda to a thief. It was not meant to be. Allstate does not consider stolen cars mayhem. Even with full coverage we did not get enough to replace a similar car. Then the Washer and Dryer quit. New elements were not doing the job in the old oven AND the transmission in the Suburban needed expensive repairs. No car, no table, no money. Balancing plates in our laps in front of the TV worked while everyone was working different shifts. I’ve missed sitting down at the table for a meal. I have not been this excited about a simple piece of furniture for a long time.

A perfect fit.

Chris talked about making a table for me. I hope he still does. But talking with him forced me to think about something I wanted to avoid. I do not like to think about what I do not have, only what I do have. Being content comes from the inside. Anytime I feel like something is missing, like meals at a table, I start seeing what I do not have instead of the abundant blessings showered upon me already.

I thought that a round table would be perfect (not very good at the content thing am I) because the dining area light is round. Chris drew up plans for a table top very much like this one. The legs on his were his own pattern that was nearly genius.

Some of the framed pictures from Robe Valley and my old Roll Top Desk

My old desk: The first furniture I ever bought was a roll top desk. It has been sitting in Chris’ room since moving to Everett. So were plastic bins of pictures. He brought them all out shortly before Christmas. After re-arranging the sitting room for a TV Ray bought the house for Channukah I was able to fit the desk and many of the pictures in a nice clutter. See all those blank spaces on the wall?

Pictures that still need a place.

There are so many more pictures that need a place to be. I’m not sure how we got so many pictures but every one is a treasure.

More goes on inside the house in January than outside. Soups and broth simmer on the stove. The scent of baking bread brightens the dark afternoon. Making our plans now that Ray is out of work gets discussed. Thank you YHVH for the table! There is still a few chores that need to be done outside during the cold, wet winter on an urban farm.

Bertha (in the box) and Lil'bit get a little time to graze before being scooted back into the Easter Basket because I get cold.

Chickens need to be tended everyday no matter what the weather. How do I know? Because I was sick in bed for 8 days and only asked the guys to feed my girls and check their water. I clean their bedding daily. After 8 days it was rank in their cute little house.

Every day I still have to go outside with a shovel to clean up after my dogs. I am SO thankful they are small dogs.

Once a week I still turn the little green compost bins. I am sure I could go longer but I like being outside. Sometime this week, maybe while Ray is out filling out all the forms a man looking for work needs to fill out, I should start some winter-sown seeds, a basket of micro greens and press together some soil cubes to start salad and greens in. I will be mad at myself come March if I skip the last task.

Volunteer Snow Peas and the Fava Beans showing signs of life.

Those fava beans I started in November are already coming up.

Fava Bean video

I am not sure if this is good or bad. I guess I’ll find out this spring. While we still have some money I got my seed orders in. That was fun. It feels like the new year is really here once I do that.

Looking for I keep finding jobs for him to do. Not sure that is what he wants.



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2 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. How I LOVE everything you write and YOU Deb!

  2. Well hello Constance! Right back at you!

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