Web Favorites of the first week of December 2011

Cold, crisp sunrise, December 8, 2011

The “Yarden” made this “Tipsy Turtle Bark” with salted cashews and bourbon, encouraging me to give it a try…..ok.

A newsy post on winter gardening with tips on hoop houses. subsistence Pattern.

From Atlantic Monthly: Can Organic Farming Save the World? No one is asking Agro business to prove that they can but we accept the likes of Monsanto preaching against Organics….without foundation.

Keeper of the Home’s guest writer, “Mindy” gives me “9 Homemade Gift Ideas” some of which I am sure I will be able to do before the Holidays.

From the Urban Homestead, what to do if the flu strikes.

Milkwood is a blog I have just come across. I do love to read books in winter. Here is a list of books that made Eliot Coleman who he is, “The Fertile Dozen

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