Day Dreaming with Paint (2012 Garden)

November 22 (Dark and stormy afternoon)

When it is too wet to putz in the garden I can while-away-the-hours day-dreaming about next year. A few pictures and a lot of time with my Paint program and TA-DA! A guide for next springs expansion.

Proposed Box 6

Box 6 (4’x8′ x 12″) Last year I had pots of cucumbers and zucchini in double rows between the Raspberry pot and the Fennel box. Both the Fennel and the Raspberries will be moved or removed to make space for the box. In the case of the raspberries, they can tentatively go between the two cherry tree pots, next to the  north post of the espaliered Apple Tree. We are still a little worried about putting trees into the really bad ground.

Proposed Box 7 (or 8?)

The reason I want 4×8 foot boxes is because of the chicken tractor pictured in this box. It is portable and can be set into any of our 4×8 gardens. The nuggets love digging in a soft bed of dirt and veggies. They do a great job of getting a box dug up and free of slugs and bugs.

Proposed Spud-vill

Potatoes in the half barrel: For some reason this part has me really jazzed. The area of the yard next to the south fence has a slope to it. We had thought about terracing this little hill for blue berries and herbs but Ray is worried about digging into the slope because our neighbors house sits so close to the fence. When we were out looking around, trying to figure out where we would expand next year, Ray had a brilliant idea. Set half barrels on the slope and brace them in place. Brilliant (and thank you Constance of Angel Acres Farm for the idea of putting potatoes into half barrels). I bet we could fit another row of potato barrels in front of these IF my perspective is correct (I am not known for correct perspective)

West side of the Easter Basket (Hen House) Area along the fence used to be a lavender garden. Now it also has strawberries, mint and orange-thyme

What a mess! This garden used to get sun. Now I need to find a new home for my lavender. The orange-thyme can go right across the ally to the herb garden. I’ve already moved the strawberries that I want to save. IF we get bunnies next spring this is where the hutches will go.

Humm, I wonder where I can squeeze in a green house?


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